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  • Last modified: December 10, 2014
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Review Summary:

Lightbot is a challenging educational game that requires one to wear their thinking cap.

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AppStore User Rating: 4.5

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In a way, Lightbot reminds me of a board game; the user must string together the correct series of commands to move the cute little bot around the board. The environment is entertaining though challenging at times, just like many board games.

Features include:

  • Multiple languages available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Positive learning environment


Lightbot’s interface is clean and easy to use. Instructions are provided in easy to read text and child friendly manner.

The background music adds nicely to the feel of the learning environment and can be muted if desired.


Kids will learn more than the basics of programming though they may not realize it. They will sharpen their critical thinking abilities; learn to follow directions and more.

Lightbot contains 40 levels broken into nine sections. Levels become progressively more difficult as they are unlocked. Users can earn up to 20 stars after completing specific levels.

Two speed levels are available for watching the playback of your commands. The user can choose slow or fast playback. There were times when a little slower speed and the ability to pause would be beneficial.

Positive feedback and a positive learning environment are so important and this app has both. The short instructions provided in each level are presented in a manner kids will like.

Lightbot users will need to be proficient readers as all instructions are text only. I could see a wide range of ages using this app so a text narration option could be helpful.

The ability to view user progress at a glance may be beneficial to some parents and educators. Another helpful feature that I’d like to see is an in-app demo or guidance for those children struggling to complete a level.


Those that like challenging games will enjoy Lightbot. Programming apps for kids that are presented as a game are a favorite at my house. We love putting on our thinking caps to solve the puzzle.

Incorporating some of the enhancements mentioned in our Education rating would make the app a bit more game-like.


Lightbot is a universal app and a lite version is available in iTunes for those wanting to test the app before purchasing the full version.

Lightbot is not short on content nor are levels too easy. Adults will find some levels pretty challenging, too. Progress can be reset from the main screen or levels can be replayed once unlocked.

The addition of multiple user profiles would be beneficial for families.

Child Friendliness

Lightbot is the ideal example of a child friendly app as it does not contain any external links or social media buttons.

Lightbot is a challenging educational game that requires one to wear their thinking cap.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars