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Review Summary:

Courli is a simple gaming app that allows children to practice their problem solving skills in a series of challenging levels and mazes without the usual in-app purchases found in game apps.

App Info

Price: $1.99
AppStore User Rating: 4.5

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Courli is an easy to use gaming app with simple controls that families can enjoy together. With a variety of worlds and 120 levels to complete increasing in difficulty, this app will provide hours of challenging play and problem solving practice.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple concept
  • 120 Levels
  • 4 Worlds


While Courli isn’t the most polished game app out there it does have clear graphics and lively background music and sound effects. The controls are simple with only two options to either move right or left since the main player/character is an always bouncing tennis ball. The easy to use controls and the simple set up are reminiscent of an older computer game or very early video game and while it doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles like some of the other gaming apps, it is an app that the entire family can enjoy and easily play.


Courli is primarily a gaming app but it does provide a lot of practice with problem solving in a variety of challenging levels. As each level increases in difficulty, players are challenged with moving through specific challenges and mazes to collect coins and various gems for points.


For parents looking for a challenging yet easy to use gaming app look no further. With so many levels increasing in difficulty and a variety of challenges children will have hours of fun trying to beat their best score. The basic premise behind the game is to move through the mazes/obstacles in order to collect all the coins and gems in the least amount of time. As the levels increase the challenges become more difficult and children must really use their problem solving skills to figure out how to use only right and left arrows to move through the maze.

For children that love mazes and other challenges this app is going to offer hours of fun.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is a great deal. With 120 levels and 4 worlds that can be played over and over again this app offers hours of play for not a lot of money and I am sure parents will appreciate that.

Child Friendliness

It seems that game apps without advertisements and in app purchases are increasingly more difficult to find and Courli is a gem in that regard. With no extra links or advertisements to distract children as they play this is a great app for kids. The simple two arrow function for the game is also great and the increasing levels provides allow children to improve their skills as they move onto more challenging tasks. Overall Courli is a simple and safe app for kids.

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