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Come join the Yumbies as they recover the cake Colonel Crumpet stole from the Queen’s celebration. Yumby Toss, a universal game for all ages, has you collecting coins and cake by tossing yumbies, of course.

Yumby Toss has five sweet-themed worlds, each containing nine levels that become progressively more difficult. With names like Sweet Meadow, Licorice Forest, Snowy Peaks, Brittle Caverns and Crumpet’s Lab you are immersed into a land of sweets.

All of the cake must be collected to beat a level; coins collected can be used to purchase power-ups, outfits for the yumbies or to unlock worlds four and five. Worlds two and three become available after completing all nine levels of world one.

Warning to parents: This is one game you will probably want to restrict in-app purchases. The app contains multiple in-app purchases for coin packages; one costing $99! Coins can be earned by playing the game, but you’ll need to be patient, work hard and spend your coins wisely. The game encourages the purchase of power-ups when you are stuck in a level so you blow through coins pretty quickly.

The yumbies make all sorts of noise as they bump, bang and bust their way through obstacles to collect the cake. Their noises along with the music and bright colors make for an entertaining game. One sound you do not want to hear is the evil chuckle of Colonel Crumpet when you fail to collect all of the cake! Sound quality could be improved a tad; at times the sound is crackly and unpleasant.

As you progress through the levels different yumbies become available; each with a different purpose. A few examples are Tork, who busts down walls; Daze, can bomb things; and Jozet is lighter than air; six yumbies in all. You’ll need to use the best yumby for the job so choose wisely.

Yumby Toss does not contain social media or external links, or in-app ads. Just watch for those in-app purchase buttons if you haven’t restricted in-app purchases in your device settings.

Bottom line

Yumby Toss is a universal game sure to entertain the whole family. Be aware of multiple in-app purchases for additional coins that could end up being very expensive.
Yumby Toss is getting a lot of great press right now.

Do you love tossing cute creatures into dangerous places? If so, you’ll love Yumby Toss, a wild game of skillful throws and heroic blows! Explore 5 amazing worlds and 45 levels of destroying Gobbler forts and reaping the rewards.

Appdiction gives Yumby Toss 5/5 Stars

1GreatApp says “It’s going to be a huge hit!“

App-Score gives Yumby Toss a 9/10

Apps On Tap gives Yumby Toss 5/5 Stars

The iPhone App Review gives Yumby Toss 4.5/5 Stars

Kids iPhone App Review gives Yumby Toss 10/10

iPhone Glance gives Yumby Toss 4/5 Stars

DailyAppShow gives Yumby Toss 5/5 Stars

Regular Price: Free with multiple in-app purchases