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Newly released, Make-A-Snowman, is just that, an app that lets you build a snowman indoors! No wet clothes to hang up, no complaints of the dog stealing the arm of the snowman…

Make-A-Snowman is a fun app that allows your creativity to be endless, which is why it’s a good thing that you are able to build and save an unlimited amount of snowmen.

Overall the interface is fairly intuitive. Manipulating the objects takes a little getting used to and could be frustrating to some. Additional editing tools such as copy or duplicate and an undo would help. There is a delete button, but undo would be easier and faster in some instances; like me accidentally choosing items as I was scrolling through all of the objects that can be added to customize your snowman. You can choose from different shaped snowballs, sticks for arms, various hats, etc. The kids liked the variety of objects, but suggested adding some “normal” snowman mouth choices. There are currently three backgrounds to choose from with more being promised in a future update.

The in-app help is easy to access at any time and provides just the right amount of detail. Music and sounds can be turned off or on. The camera button allows for you to share your snowman by posting it to Facebook, e-mailing or saving it to your photo album.

Make-A-Snowman is a universal app and performs well on either; however, I found it much more enjoyable on the iPad due to the larger work area. The kids agreed.

Make-A-Snowman is a very fun and cute app that could cause you to quickly lose track of time.