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App Info Price: Overview Exercise your brain by solving unique challenges in Griddle Speed Puzzles. This brain-boosting puzzle game has kids re-arrange shapes to complete a series of puzzles. As kids play, the puzzles increase in difficulty, which means their brains get even more of a workout. Features include: Solve puzzles Think strategically Play different …

App Info Price: Overview Build vocabulary by completing themed word search puzzles. From animals to sports and jobs to space, kids can learn words in a wide variety of categories. Unlike a traditional word search, whenever kids find a word they also get to read the definition of the word. This enhances the educational value …

Shapes Builder is an easy to use, early learning app that uses geometric shapes and puzzles to help children practice their problem solving skills. Easy to use, fun, and perfect for children of all ages.

Play and Learn with Corabelle is an easy to use, early learning app with lots of fun and engaging early-learning activities that children will love. Fun, educational, and perfect for the little one in your home.

Help Nelly the fairy find all the pieces to reconstruct her castle. This app allows children to explore four magical lands filled with lots of animals in order to complete the puzzle.

Orchard Toys is an all in one app that includes early learning activities with varying difficulty levels for young players to test their problem solving skills. With puzzles, matching, and memory games this app is fun for children of all ages!

CreAPPcuentos is a creative story building app that is perfect for your imaginative story teller at home. With loads of stickers, narration features, and puzzles too, this app is great for children of all ages!

My Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles has so much to offer in education and entertainment. With loads of puzzles that include sorting shapes, sizes, colors, letters, numbers, and much more, it is the perfect early learning app for the little one in your home.

Join Pete & Mike on their adventure to help and save the townspeople from an angry dragon sleeping in a nearby mountain. With lots of adventure, interactive illustrations, and clues to follow, children will love this app!