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Monty’s Backyard Adventure is an entertaining and colorful set of activities designed to help young children with early learning tasks such as matching, memory, numbers, and more. Players will enjoy interacting with the canine main character and will get lots of play value from this app.

Presidents Challenge is a fun and diverting way to memorize the names of the presidents of the United States in order. Users can choose to tackle specific eras or the entire list at once. There is a blank timeline with the year of election on one side of the screen, and a tray of presidential portraits with names on the other side. Users drag pictures from the tray to the correct place on the timeline. The app also provides a little biographical and background information about each president.

Dr. Morph’s Memo puts a fun spin on the traditional memory game with interesting animal creations. Have fun finding all 100 unique animals in this high quality, quirky app.

It’s time to explore Bimarc’s Home! This app is designed to encourage skill building in preschool age learners in a fun, interactive environment not that different than his or her very own house.

RetroMem is a collection of games built to boost the memories of little gamers.

Thanks to Graphiclife for this week’s giveaway, The Big Picture Book. The free promo codes follow, but please don’t forget to use your promo code manners and leave a comment to let us know which promo code you used and leave a star review too. Enjoy! PWNPRJANAWKE PNH49F333YW9 Y697A4H3M7HK 6FPT7RKN47TM LER3W9ALX3M4 MWLHWAR6EN6Y WME6HK9RPHFL FRRYY7PPMLNL LLPT6KFEWA7A …

The new version of our matching card game for iPhone, iPad and Mac, now includes, free of charge, 42 new cards and 36 new sounds of zoo and sea animals in addition of the first 21 cards and sounds of the farm animals. 40 other free cards are in development. Promo Codes: Please let us …

— A fun and clever memory game for young pirates!— Pick your pirate, use your brain and prepare to win the treasure! *”App of the day – MacWorld Sweden * Geekdad/Wired: “…has some really fun elements that distinguish it from other memory games…” Promo Codes! LWYH34JAHH9E 7JJNLA6LEMYH PFFJ79KKXWA6 J3XRKWYJXXPE YYLLNAK6P6FF

The game of Memory is a great educational tool for your young child. It is centered around matching cards with pictures of animals, and encourages and helps them with memory and with visual judgment. In addition to the wide range of pre-installed cards, you can make cards from your iPad’s photo library. CTR’s Editor’s Choice …