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3rd Grade Math: Fun Kids Games is a sample of a larger, more comprehensive practice system that uses math games to help children master critical concepts. The games are fast-paced, colorful and exciting, and will engage the target age group using immediate feedback, earned rewards, and several other strategies.

IQ Safari MATH is an outstanding app for providing finely-tuned computation practice at the elementary levels (simple addition through division with five digit numbers) in an upbeat and friendly way. Kids will love the array of awards and incentives, so they just may forget that they are learning!

Fun Matchers is a high value app that helps pre-learners practice their problem solving skills in Math, Spelling, Reading, and General Knowledge as they play a wide variety of fun matching games.

Learn your times tables the ghostly way! A fun and easy to use math app that will encourage children to practice their multiplication tables. Choose a fact, then tap like crazy on each ghost which is a multiple of that fact. Great fun! Promo Codes: Please let us know which ones you use and give …

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills are all put to the test as you try to crack eggs hiding a digit. Four great Primary Games combined into one cracking iPad App! Promo codes! XTL7TFYREJ4R 6WEMMR4YXLLH YM6WNY7XNHPW E4XKPEEA43MN TPMN44PX6WAH The promo codes have all gone! Don’t forget to check our giveaway section to see what new …