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See the app in iTunes Priya Yerunkar Price: Free Whether you are planning a trip or simply want to learn to speak a few key phrases in English, Learn English Quickly – Phrases, Quiz, Flash Card is the key to your success. This unique app allows you to learn English from through whatever language you …

Verbs for Kids-Part 1 would be a useful tool to help students of English and perhaps special needs students hear examples of acceptable English grammar and pronunciation, as well as see clear animated illustrations of 180 verbs and sentences. It does have some flaws, however, and parents and teachers would be wise to check the app thoroughly before investing.

Top Educational Apps for Back to School   We’ve scoured the App Store to find the top educational apps for kids. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just five for each category so in some cases we’ve listed more, especially for those hard to find apps for middle school, high school and special …

Pepe & Pepita is another great educational app from Mrs. Judd’s Games that will help children learn a variety of vocabulary words while providing practice identifying the correct gender for each noun. A great app for a great price!

Dic-Dic is a nice introduction to basic words in several languages. It will help students learn to spell and read over a hundred different words in their native language, then can introduce them to several other languages.

Jumbled Sentences 3 is a high quality educational app that allows children to practice their sentence structure skills in a fun space themed environment. Simply put, this app is out of this world!

ABC Go is a wonderful educational app that teaches children a variety of words related to modes of transportation and is a great addition to the Little Explorers ABC series.

Thanks to Graphiclife for this week’s giveaway, The Big Picture Book. The free promo codes follow, but please don’t forget to use your promo code manners and leave a comment to let us know which promo code you used and leave a star review too. Enjoy! PWNPRJANAWKE PNH49F333YW9 Y697A4H3M7HK 6FPT7RKN47TM LER3W9ALX3M4 MWLHWAR6EN6Y WME6HK9RPHFL FRRYY7PPMLNL LLPT6KFEWA7A …