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Here are today’s Free Friday apps. Enjoy! Play Phone – FREE (from $.99) A Very Busy Week – FREE (from $1.99) These apps have been offered free by the developers and in association with Moms With Apps. The apps usually cost between 0.99 and 1.99 each. Occasionally, a developer will extend this offer, but most …

Whether it’s a best app or not – today you can download and see for free!

Read Me Stories by 8interactive is a great idea, however this idea gets lost in translation. Firstly, the app is quite slow and both parent and child get impatient waiting for it to load. Once loaded, you have 2 books that you can read but you can see books that are coming soon – inevitably the child wants to read one of the books that is not currently available, and this is where the frustration begins.

The iWriteWords iPhone / iPad app helps kids learn and write the alphabet, numbers and words. The lite version is definitely worth checking out first – and may even be fine for your needs. Since I used it so much, I decided to opt for the paid version which is currently $2.99.

My 4 year old still loves this app and has been playing with it for about a year. The nice thing about this app is that the instructions are read aloud, so kids can work on this independently.

This is a favorite little iPhone app and one of the first ones that my 2 year old played with. There is a free version, but a game this cute deserves to be paid for.