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We all want to make sure our children don’t get too much screen time on mobile devices, but at the same time, there can be a lot of value to certain education apps and online programs for kids. As a parent, you want to make sure you’re letting your kids use tablets and smartphones in …

See the app in iTunes Priya Yerunkar Price: Free Whether you are planning a trip or simply want to learn to speak a few key phrases in English, Learn English Quickly – Phrases, Quiz, Flash Card is the key to your success. This unique app allows you to learn English from through whatever language you …

See the app in iTunes Hustle Fitness, Inc Price: Free If your child aspires to be on the court for March Madness or dreams of becoming a baller like Stephen Curry, then Hustle – Basketball Drills for Coaching & Training is an app you need to check out! This app provides several tools to help …

When budgets tighten, class sizes often increase as a money–saving measure. This can put additional strain on instructors, and make it more difficult for them to find the time and energy to connect with students on an individual level. There is a very real fear that students may slip through the cracks in a busier …

See the app in iTunes Linda Stenbring Price: $1.99 Gigi Space Adventure is a new app designed to introduce young children to space exploration. With simple activities to illustrate the movements of the sun, planetary orbits and the stars, children can begin to learn about the galaxy. Add in some cute animal friends and Gigi …

It’s that time of year again where the leaves are falling, Christmas is fast approaching (we’re under 100 days away!), and children are well and truly settling into their new routine. With a new classroom, a new teacher and perhaps even a new group of friends, going back to school is exciting, as well as …

Caroline’s Camera is a highly entertaining app for kids that uses creative rhythms, music, and camera play to create hours of fun. Easy to use and great for children of all ages, this is one app that both parents and kids will love.

App Info Price: Overview United States Map Quiz Education Edition is an all-inclusive education app that provides kids a fun platform to practice their geography skills. This app is packed full of a variety of ways for players to test their knowledge on states, capitals, and flags and would be a perfect addition to any …

Instill a love of books in your children early by reading to them regularly. There’s plenty of classic children’s books to pick from, all of which feature memorable characters and lessons younglings will take with them always. Check out a few top picks before creating your reading list: Where The Wild Things Are No list of …

Cosmic Paul is an early learning app that helps children practice their alphabet and spelling skills using a unique and very entertaining search and find concept. Interactive, educational, and tons of fun, this app is great for children of all ages!

MegaPro Calculator 5000 isn’t your typical calculator! This calculator actually reaches children how to add and subtract large numbers in a visual way. Well done!

Crazy Math Adventure is an engaging, educational app that allows children to practice their year 1 and year 2 math skills with an exciting game like platform. Full of adventure and tons of fun this app is great for children of all ages.

Nano Bear Rainforest Animals offers a fun way for children to learn a variety of rainforest animals and their sounds through exploratory play. Easy to use and great for young children.

Mussila is a highly interactive and engaging music app that teaches children to recognize instruments, rhythms, and a variety of other musical lessons in one place. Easy to use and loads of fun, this app is great for children of all ages!

Moonlight Hide & Seek is an interesting storybook app with a mathematical twist. With great illustrations, a fun story, and a bit of subtraction practice too, this app is one that will keep little ones engaged while they learn.

Highlights Monster Day is an exciting and highly engaging app for little ones that allows players to explore a typical day in the life of a monster. Highly engaging, fun to play and very easy to use for children of all ages.

Shapes Builder is an easy to use, early learning app that uses geometric shapes and puzzles to help children practice their problem solving skills. Easy to use, fun, and perfect for children of all ages.

Blue Bird Academy is an early learning app that provides little ones with an engaging way to learn the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and other objects. Simple, educational, and easy to use.

Save the Park is an app that combines education and entertainment by using a fun runners-game to teach children the importance of doing their part to keep our parks safe and clean. This app is a great learning tool to be used at home or in the classroom.

Monster Numbers is a math app full of adventure, excitement, and education all in one place this app is the perfect way for players to practice their math skills. Fun, exciting, and highly educational, this app is great for families.

Trybie Journey is a unique storybook app that includes fun experiments and scientific information for children to learn and enjoy. Educational, entertaining, and perfect for little scientists ready to explore the world of chemistry.

Peekabox-Forest: Flashcards takes flashcard learning into the digital era with fun activities, videos, and interactive illustrations that children will love. This app is educational, entertaining, and easy to use for children of all ages.

Multiplication with Ibbleobble is an excellent educational app that offers children a fun way to practice their multiplication skills. Fun, save, and easy to use.

Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test is an all inclusive app for students who want to get prepped and ready for the big test! With practice tests, flashcards, and loads of tips and tricks, this app is great for practice at school or at home.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab is an exciting app full of great educational material shared through fun music videos, interactive games, and entertaining lab experiments that kids will love.

We saw a great post this week from the folks at the Washington Post that shared some amazing non-toy holiday gift ideas for kids. The Washington Post found some alternatives gifts that enrich experiences, learning, and valuable family time. Check them out 1.  Create a Space for Art Projects, Puzzles and Other Activities Just for Your …

I Love Potatoes is an adventure based app that teaches children a very valuable lesson in social change, recycling, and sustainability with an interesting potato metaphor. Unique, educational, and fun to play.

Toddlers will have fun exploring a wide variety of animal sounds and puzzles in Animals: Sounds & Games. Simple format and fun to play this app is perfect for the little one in your home.

Big City Vehicles is a great app for young children that offers an easy to use free play environment to explore, learn, and interact with a wide variety of vehicles you might find in the city. Fun, safe to play, and highly interactive, this app will keep little minds busy for hours.

DNA Play is an incredibly fun and entertaining app that gives children fun environment to learn a bit about how DNA and genes work. Fabulous images, sound effects and offers lots of fun creatures for children to build and play with for hours!