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PurePaint Kids is a highly-realistic painting app that allows users to experience a close approximation of painting with real paint. Colors mix and catch light, the brush fills and empties, and paints can blend with one another in realistic and exciting ways.

See the App in iTunes Studio Lassa Price: $2.99 Poppetto Varia is a fun creative app for younger children.  With Poppetto Varia, kids can dress up their Poppetto by using all sorts of fun items from the closet.  I thought that this app would be great for preschoolers and kindergarten age kids. First, kids will …

Encouraging creativity in your children is a wonderful thing, as it helps cultivate their minds and gives them an idea of what they’re good at and what they might like to do when grown. If you want to emphasize creativity in your household but are a little stuck as to how to go about it, …

Looking for a craft suitable for young children or teens, kids of varying ages, and even a range of abilities? Sparkling Art may be just the idea that you need.  The finished product is eye-catching with brilliant colors and flashes of light. You can adjust the difficulty level to suit nearly anyone, and the supplies …

Mr. Glue Stories puts a unique spin on the traditional storybook app by allowing readers to customize each story with their own sound effects, characters, narration, and illustrations to be saved and shared. A very creative app, great for children who love a good adventure.

Painting Gallery offers coloring book pictures, varied backgrounds, and blank canvas for young artists to make their own using 30 colors and 100 stickers. Young children can save their work in an art gallery, arrange the pictures on the digital wall, and pick the perfect frame to compliment their work.

ShapeKit is an entertaining and creative way to learn about shapes. It allows several levels of creativity, will encourage young users to explore, and offers an opportunity to save and share masterpieces both on the device and over the internet.

Join Frenchie in this fun-filled art app that offers a wide variety of activities, colors, and backgrounds to make magnificent masterpieces to share. This is one app you don’t want to miss.

Today’s free app favorites include iLuv Drawing Vehicles and Sago Mini Forest Flyer – great apps from great developers.

This uniquely creative and cheerfully illustrated app encourages children to use their imagination as they create a multitude of magical scenes in a virtual paper theater.