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Math Galaxy Times Tables Balloon Pop is a comprehensive practice and review app that will build speed, accuracy and fluency with times tables up to 12 x 12. Students of all ages, from grade 2 and above, will find it entertaining and challenging if they need practice in this area.

App Info Price: Overview Math Done Write is a practice system for basic math facts (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division) designed to help students build speed and accuracy on those crucial skills. The app displays horizontal math problems and users draw their answers on the screen, cementing motor memory for each combination. Features include: Problems gradually increase in difficulty …

While the Hour of Code event seems to be growing in popularity each year, don’t wait until then to download these apps. Your kids will enjoy these all year, some may become permanent residents on your device.

Mini Prep is a low-key, gentle app that will help the very young practice basic skills of color matching, number matching and number order, letter matching and letter order. The app is simple to use and will help the young users feel very successful.