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Discover over 100 animals and their sounds as you tap your way through this digital encyclopedia. Animals appear in multiple formats to make it easy for kids to learn about them in their own way, be it through hearing the sounds they make, looking at photos, or learning some of the more scientific details.

Balloonimals – IDEO Rating: 4 out of 5 Buy it? Yes iPhone / iPod app: $1.99 iPad (HD) app: n/a Universal app : n/a Balloonimals from Ideo ToyLab is a quiet favorite. Is a simple, cute app, done well and surprisingly entertaining. Initially, I didn’t see much substance to the app, but after watching my …

In additional to the beautifully illustrated ebook for the iPad, you also have the option of having the ebook read to you in either English, Chinese, or in your own recorded voice. Most of the charm from this iPad app is the stories themseles, although there is also a spot the difference game in the iPad app too.

This is a favorite little iPhone app and one of the first ones that my 2 year old played with. There is a free version, but a game this cute deserves to be paid for.