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The concept of an amazing road trip adventure is one that’s becoming more popular, particularly with safety concerns at more crowded tourist hotspots throughout the world, and the problems that plague airports and airlines on what seems like a daily basis. A road trip can be great for a family with kids as well because …

See the App in iTunes ICKYPEN Price: FREE Missing Friend – Lite is the free version of a cute, interactive storybook for children.  With Missing Friend, kids can join Mr. Rabbit on an adventure to rescue his friend Mr. Mole from the mischievous Icky Mr. Fox.  I thought that this app had cool scenery and …

Journey of Haha is a fun puzzle/adventure app that challenges players to collect items, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock doors to move to the next level. Players need to use their wits and their common sense to meet the challenges as they help Haha find the ancient artifact that she seeks in the castle.

Snot & Fluff is an entertaining cosmic tale that takes readers on a 3D adventure through space. With great interactive graphics, a fun story, and so much more this is one app you don’t want to miss!

I Love Potatoes is an adventure based app that teaches children a very valuable lesson in social change, recycling, and sustainability with an interesting potato metaphor. Unique, educational, and fun to play.

Solving math problems becomes kids’ special power as they use their skills to build towers and help transform monsters back into numbers in this game that increases in difficulty as kids practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.