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Free Motorcycle Coloring Pages

Motorcycles are awesome, and it’s no surprise that the love for life on two wheels starts young! With these awesome free coloring pages, your kids will learn tons about bikes while also getting excited by these iconic two-wheeled machines. The motorcycle coloring pages here were made by us. That’s right, they’re the originals! Feel free …

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iSharing: Find Friends, Family will allow users to track selected devices within 1 to 100 miles of their current location. Users can receive notifications when tracked devices are in range, as well as when they arrive and leave selected locations.

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Low Cost Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Author: Cameron Martel (LI / Web) Read time: 15-20 minutes Skill level: Beginner to intermediate A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Market Your New Mobile App Without Wasting Time or Budget Building and launching a new app carries a unique set of challenges and risks, particularly when your app lives in a competitive space. In …

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Use your phone as your alarm clock and get some great and unique features

Alarm clocks-we love to hate ‘em! But they are a necessary part of life for nearly everyone. And when combined with the capabilities of your mobile device, they can be personalized and individualized, making them even more useful and, perhaps, a bit more beneficial than the old-fashioned kind. Image Source Just for iOS Users Bedtime …

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Drawing and coloring have never been more convenient for kids than with these drawing apps.

One of the many perks of having a tablet is that it can double as a pad of paper. Sure, you can take notes or send reminders to yourself. You can also, however, use your tablet as a virtual sketchpad. You no longer have to resign yourself to doodling on napkins when that next great …

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Find Me Shapes is a simple and effective app for practicing color and shape matching, for encouraging children to pay attention and focus, and to develop fine motor skills. The simple interface and safe environment mean that parents can feel good about allowing youngsters some independent play time.

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Here are tools to make all your favorite kinds of collages quickly and easily on your phone or tablet.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, there are times when creating a collage of photos, artwork, or even videos is exactly what you need to do. Collages add the finishing touches to family events, celebrations like weddings, showers, and graduations, and oh, so much more. Here are the best collage-maker …

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Lego blocks provide classic fun online or off.

Legos are grand fun in the real world, and now your kids (and you!) can enjoy them virtually and on the go with mobile apps. Check out these winners! Legos® for the Little Ones Lego® Juniors Lego System A/S – Free Get the youngsters aged 4-7 into the act with this sweet building and driving …

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Overview Witty the Robot is the animated, personable guide for young users learning about the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. He oversees the journey through thirteen chapters of information in an interactive digital learning tool. Features include: 13 chapters Interactive, animated pages Personalized Loaded with information about T-Rex Creative and fun   Quality Witty the Robot is …

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Overview Sir Dapp! Game Show is a review of manners and polite behavior for children formatted as a television game show, complete with “commercials” and music videos themed around good manners. Users take on the role of contestants as they choose questions and answer them. Questions are multiple choice and read aloud to players. Features …

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