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Low Cost Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Author: Cameron Martel (LI / Web) Read time: 15-20 minutes Skill level: Beginner to intermediate A No-Nonsense Guide on How to Market Your New Mobile App Without Wasting Time or Budget Building and launching a new app carries a unique set of challenges and risks, particularly when your app lives in a competitive space. In …

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U-Nest: Save Money for Kids is an investment management system to help parents save money in tax-free investments to use for their children’s educational expenses after high school. It’s affordable, reliable, and convenient.

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Sound Touch is a sound/picture feast for young children that will entertain and, with caregiver or teacher support, build language skills. Hundreds of colorful photographs are paired with high-quality sound recordings to help children make connections and learn about the world.

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Help even young children learn to relax and destress with apps like these.

A big part of growing up is learning to control the wide array of emotions inside. Children sometimes don’t know what to do with these big, big feelings. Fortunately, there are some handy apps that can help with the job. From general mindfulness to specific help for specific challenges like anger management and ADHD, these …

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If you have young boys in your household, then you know that they have a style all their own. Here’s a great list of free apps that boys from preschool through early elementary grades will absolutely love! Racing & Driving Apps Kids Car Racers Adam Berent – Free with ads With controls designed to be …

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Safe Youtubers That Are Kid Friendly to Watch

Nearly every little kid longs to be a big kid and do Big Kid Things. And high on the list of Big Kid Things that younger children are wistfully watching the big kids do is watch videos on YouTube. YouTube videos also are a fabulous way to help a young child to manage an unexpected …

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  We teach our children how to keep themselves safe outside their homes at a very young age. The stranger danger is a real thing and we constantly remind them how they should behave when approached by strangers. However, there comes a time when children start to use smart devices and the Internet for more …

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Poppinz- Family Calendar offers calendar, list, and chat features that are limited to members of the family group. The app is simple to use and will provide privacy that some families are looking for.

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