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Best writing apps for kids learning to write well

Whether your child is three or seventeen, there are some great apps available to help them become better at writing. Help them master the basics and then fine-tune their skills anytime and anywhere with these digital tools. For the Preschool/Kindergarten Crowd: Fun with Letters Dexterity Jr.-Fine Motor Skill Development Binary Labs, Inc. – $3.99 with …

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Overview Pixton EDU is a comic creation system that opens creative doors across the curriculum. It offers opportunities for students to express themselves in this style even if they do not have artistic skills to keep up with their imaginations. Kids across a wide age range will find it a motivating way to express themselves …

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Overview Sir Dapp! Game Show is a review of manners and polite behavior for children formatted as a television game show, complete with “commercials” and music videos themed around good manners. Users take on the role of contestants as they choose questions and answer them. Questions are multiple choice and read aloud to players. Features …

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Stickman Hook is a fun eye-hand coordination game that offers loads of opportunities for development of visual skills and problem-solving. It is simple to play and has hundreds of levels to keep players intrigued for a very long time. The only downside is the excessive number of advertisements in the free version.

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There’s nothing like a city building game to exercise kids’ planning and prediction skills. And imagine the feelings of power that go with having an entire city at your beck and call! No wonder most kids go crazy for city building apps. The games put power and control into children’s hands, and they can experiment …

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Teens and tweens love tower defense games!

Tower defense games are a type of video strategy games that require players to defend or protect buildings, property, or other assets. Usually, they involve building or placing defensive structures to ward off an enemy, either by blocking or by attacking automatically. Tower defense games promote strategic thinking, planning, and other higher-level thinking skills. But …

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U-Nest: Save Money for Kids is an investment management system to help parents save money in tax-free investments to use for their children’s educational expenses after high school. It’s affordable, reliable, and convenient.

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Sound Touch is a sound/picture feast for young children that will entertain and, with caregiver or teacher support, build language skills. Hundreds of colorful photographs are paired with high-quality sound recordings to help children make connections and learn about the world.

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Help even young children learn to relax and destress with apps like these.

A big part of growing up is learning to control the wide array of emotions inside. Children sometimes don’t know what to do with these big, big feelings. Fortunately, there are some handy apps that can help with the job. From general mindfulness to specific help for specific challenges like anger management and ADHD, these …

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