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In second grade, most students are mastering the basics of reading and gaining fluency. They need lots of practice with comprehension. There are still sight words to learn and phonics concepts to develop. These apps will help them continue to move toward literacy and have fun at the same time! Best Free Learn to Read …

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One outstanding trait of nearly all second graders is that they love science! They are curious and want to know how the world works. Help them explore on their own terms with these great science apps for grade 2. Physics, Chemistry, & How the World Works Nico & Nor Coconut Star WGBH – Free Second …

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Free Jolly Santa Clause Coloring Pages

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s nothing quite like the warmth and love that surrounds Christmas time (and delicious food). Arguably the most popular Christmas character is the Jolly Mr. Santa Clause himself; afterall, he brings the best gifts. We know arts and crafts are one of the best ways to spend …

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Free Spooky Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is the second-best holiday of the year (next to Christmas). We get to dress up, carve pumpkins, drink hot chocolate, go to Halloween parties and trick or treat! So much fun is to be had around October 31st, it can only be made even better by coloring some spooky Halloween themed coloring pages. We’ve …

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Free Solar System Coloring Pages

It’s hard not to wonder what is out there….in outer space. Our small solar system is awe-inspiring and beautiful on it’s own! We created these solar system inspired coloring pages after our well known planets and what we imagine could really be out there. The solar system inspired coloring pages here were made by us. …

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Rocket Ship Coloring Pages

Isn’t it amazing how the wonderment for space has transcended generations? Kids and adults alike will forever be curious and fascinated by our attempts to travel to and throughout outer space. We’ve created these wicked rocket ship coloring pages in hopes of inspiring the inner astronaut in your kids (or even you!). We plan to …

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Free Army Tank Coloring Pages

Army tanks are just so darn cool – kids the world round are fascinated with them (really, adults too)! We know without a doubt you must have an army man or two around the house that the kids play with, maybe you even have the little green men from your childhood! We made these army …

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Free Helicopter Coloring Pages

Helicopters are pretty darn interesting and always fun to watch as they fly overhead. We’ve put together a selection of helicopters ranging from cute to cool, we hope your kids love coloring these awesome machines. We will keep adding to our collection of helicopters to color, if there’s something you’d like to see us create, …

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Free Pikachu Coloring Pages

From the incredibly popular series Pokemon, we bring you Pikachu coloring pages. This electrifying character is loved by kids world round; he’s chock full of personality with his adorable reactions to his friends adventures and pretty darn cute all around. We created these original coloring pages for you to use! That’s right – all yours, …

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Free Harley Davidson Coloring Pages

Time to rev up the excitement of motorcycles with these iconic – free – Harley Davidson coloring pages. The love of two-wheels starts young and what better way to teach your kids about bikes then with these awesome Harley Davidsons. The motorcycle coloring pages here were made by us. This means you can download, print, …

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Free Airplane Coloring Pages

Even when we grow up, airplanes are as fascinating as ever. You may have found yourself answering 101 questions about airplanes when your kids first saw them, after all, who wouldn’t be completely bewildered at the magic of an airplane coasting in the sky above? They truly are amazing! Check out these free airplane coloring …

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Free Hockey Coloring Pages

This quintessential Canadian sport has become one of the world’s most recognizable (and played) sports. We’ve put together some awesome Hockey-themed coloring pages that any sports fan will love. Our coloring pages include goalies saving the day, players celebrating a big goal, and players on the ice doing their thing. Your kids are going to …

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