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Role Playing Apps

RPGs are the hottest trend in game apps. You take on another persona and live in another world having adventures and making yourself a local legend. Fortunes and loves are won and lost at the touch of a button. We’ve got the best of the best RPGs here on our list. Our team has played and approved these RPGs for kids of all ages.

A big part of growing up is learning to control the wide array of emotions inside. Children sometimes don’t know what to do with these big, big feelings. Fortunately, there are some handy apps that can help with the job. From general mindfulness to specific help for specific challenges like anger management and ADHD, these …

Equestria Girls is a fun app that will encourage little girls to fantasize about growing up into high school. However, parents should be aware that though the app is free, there are many places where in-app purchases and/or purchases of My Little Pony products are required to progress in the game.