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Download and play the newest Car, Train and Planes games and apps. Your children will love these classic children’s apps, full of their favorite vehicles. Cars, Police Cars, Firetrucks, Rockets, Motorbikes, Trains, Trucks, Helicopters and much more.

Jonty the Dinosaur is a cute interactive ebook that every child will relate to. The main character, Jonty, has a great day filled with exciting and fun pastimes and then finds he cannot go to sleep that night. Children can try all sorts of tactics to help the poor dinosaur get some shuteye, and finally, Jonty nods off.

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So many apps focus on basic math skills for kids in elementary school, but few offer quality math practice for older kids. ThUMP Ultimate Calculus and Algebra Training is designed to appeal to those kids.

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This tot-friendly app touches on letters, puzzles, sizes, counting, matching, colors, shapes, shadows, patterns, differences and more, in one streamlined package kids of any age are going to find easy to navigate.

Between cats and dogs, it was never a love story … and it is still the case in this game. Help your cat to eat all the sardines without being caught by the dogs … Fortunately, you will find “super sardines” that will allow you for a limited time to get rid of the dogs …

I had thought that I was over the whole potty training phase, unfortunately a little potty training regression has changed that. Luckily this means I have decided to review some potty training apps. Like most apps I review I started off by checking out potty training apps in the App Store. Obviously, there are many …