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Educational Games for Kids

Kids learn the most when they’re having fun and their minds are open. We’ve put together a list of the most fun educational apps on the market for download to your mobile devices. Kids can learn about their favorite topics and get help in just about any subject, do research, create art and more. Your children’s potential is endless and so are the possibilites with this curated list of educational apps.

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun offers a wide array of word problems in topics and levels suitable for grades 1-8, and if players enjoy arcade-style maze games, will be a motivational way to practice applying math skills. Game play is quite complex, however, and players may need adult assistance to learn the game well enough to enjoy it.

Monster Numbers is a math app full of adventure, excitement, and education all in one place this app is the perfect way for players to practice their math skills. Fun, exciting, and highly educational, this app is great for families.

Peppa Pig’s Golden Boots is a fun app for preschoolers that will keep them occupied with constructive readiness practice and skill-building games. They will enjoy dressing Peppa and interacting with each of the other five games as she travels through her day.

Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles is a simple yet outstanding app that will appeal to children from grade three on up. It provides nearly endless practice in basic operations with fractions, decimals, and measurements, as well as practice identifying and working with special pairs of angles.

Times Table Galaxy is a fun and effective system for practicing multiplication facts in timed and competitive settings. The app supports both development of skill at skip counting and improvement in speed and memorization of multiplication combinations 2 x 2 to 12 x 12.

See the App in iTunes My Town Games LTD Price: $2.99 My Town: Beach Picnic is a great app for preschoolers.  With My Town: Beach Picnic, children can enjoy an exploratory adventure at the beach!  The app functions as a fully interactive scene that unfolds at the beach. I love how the app features lots …