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Learning Numbers

Kids love learning about numbers. Ok, that’s probably not true. Maybe with the help of these awesome apps for learning numbers that can change. Check out this list of the best apps for easy learning of numbers.

If you have children who are learning, or need to work on, their shapes, colors, numbers and letters, this app is a must-have. It’s reasonably priced and contains many fun and educational games.

Promo codes are a little late this week due to my Americana roadtrip – 3000 miles, 6 States, 3 kids & 1 husband. It was awesome! Thanks to Marc from TribalNova for this week’s promo code giveaway, iLearnWith Poko Additions HD for iPad and iLearnWith Poko Additions for iPhone/iPod. We’ve featured iLearnWith apps before and …

The app teaches number recognition, counting, and lowest and highest numbers through a series interactive activities and music. The app includes audio instructions which is perfect for this age, since preschool kids tend to be prereaders too.