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3.5 stars – good apps

GeoPop Global Challenge is a reasonably priced, challenging world geography app for ages 9+, but falls behind some of the other geography apps that we’ve reviewed.

Utilizing a three-pronged educational approach, this iPad app lets kids see, hear and learn about 175 basic terms.

Join Little Zee on her quest to save Yellow Bright, a magical sunflower that all the bees are after.

This delightful interactive eBook immerses your children in the world of Hiding Hannah, a little girl who loves to hide everything, even herself.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Join David as he learns the important lesson in the Clown Dress-Up app for iPhone and iPad.

ScatterBox is based on familar pickup sticks games like Jenga. It’s a fun, well designed diversion that is appropriate for a wide age range and skills. With different levels and rewards and penalties for flies and ants, this app takes the traditional game to the next level. ScatterBox isn’t the most exciting or innovative game …

Matching is the name of the game in the Odd 1 Out iPad app. This colorful game combines decision making skills, learning colors, shapes and more in an app appropriate for users ages 4 to 6.

Buzzle is a puzzle type game for toddlers to preschoolers that helps develop shape recognition and pattern matching. There are 10 themes included: farm, beach, birthday, travel, etc. with fun sounds to match.

Fluke is similar to traditional board games like Sorry and Ludo, but brings a fun digital twist with different styled boards and up to 6 players. It is also OpenFeint enabled, so you can play online too.

The app teaches number recognition, counting, and lowest and highest numbers through a series interactive activities and music. The app includes audio instructions which is perfect for this age, since preschool kids tend to be prereaders too.