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Best Apps for Preschoolers. Apps for preschoolers can open up a world of possibilities and fun for young children who are really starting to get interested in the world and are learning at a very fast pace. Here are some fun and educational apps for preschoolers that we rated and loved.

This week Fun & Game Apps & Educational Apps both came equally and outnumber other categories. With over 25 planned on going free, there are plenty of apps to choose from. We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend. So go and download some …

This is one of the best free educational apps I have found that is not only a great value, but provides tons of fun.

This is by far one of the cutest book apps I have found. The illustrations are incredible and the narration adds so much life to an already great book!

Let’s Learn Time is well thought out and will help children practice a range of time skills. It’s instructionally sound and fun for the age group.

From its opening jingle to the flying stickers, kids will enjoy nearly every aspect of Preschool EduKitchen. While enjoying the game, they will also build their logical thinking skills.

Another great rhyming classic by Dr. Seuss, Hunches in Bunches is a fun story about a boy who just can’t make up his mind as different hunches pull him in different directions. A great addition to your digital library.

A beautifully designed interactive story book for children aged 3-6 years old which follows the adventures of Lilly, a frilled-neck lizard, who is searching for her friends.

This app for preschoolers uses bright colors and positive reinforcement to help kids learn their letters, numbers, shapes and concepts such as biggest and smallest and making matches.

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a cute educational app that allows children to learn new animals and practice problem solving skills while challenging themselves with a variety of puzzles.

This uniquely creative and cheerfully illustrated app encourages children to use their imagination as they create a multitude of magical scenes in a virtual paper theater.

The Super Readers app will help very young, struggling or special needs students to build fluency and confidence with sight word recognition.

This reading app uses the well-known character the Cat in the Hat to teach children about pets of all sorts and the responsibility that goes along with caring for pets as they work on their reading skills. A wonderfully entertaining app!

Join young Leonardo da Vinci and his friends in this fun and engaging app that combines education and entertainment perfectly creating a high value and quality experience for children.

Dr. Morph’s Memo puts a fun spin on the traditional memory game with interesting animal creations. Have fun finding all 100 unique animals in this high quality, quirky app.

It’s time to explore Bimarc’s Home! This app is designed to encourage skill building in preschool age learners in a fun, interactive environment not that different than his or her very own house.

What better way to learn about healthy foods than by feeding Rex the scientist while playing fun games? This is one high quality, high value app parents won’t want to miss out on, especially if they have a little one that doesn’t like healthfood.