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Join Calhoun, Dr. Brad Scott and a whole lotta Cy-bugs in this Wreck-It Ralph prequel comic

It’s time to explore Bimarc’s Home! This app is designed to encourage skill building in preschool age learners in a fun, interactive environment not that different than his or her very own house.

Pump some life into geometry with the puzzling fun in Fleixgons. This app puts geometry principles in action with fun, complex puzzles you solve using math principles.

Malcontent bad guy Wreck-It Ralph goes game jumping in search of glory, and finds out being the bad guy’s not so bad after all in this simplified eBook and game app.

Get hands-on with a fire truck! This app comes with fun noises and even more fun facts about everyone’s favorite rescue vehicle.

Regal your family with the Legend of Momotaro, a Japanese folk tale with the heart of a lion.

Bringing the holiday season alive for children is so important. What better way to do just that, than to stock your iPad and iPhone with charming stories like Elly’s Christmas for your readers, young and old?

This amazing app goes out of its way to rock an entirely kid-friendly interface, and manages to be lots of fun for tykes along the way.

This app uses a brief and highly entertaining story to propel language lessons, and it really delivers.

The Montessori Letter Sounds HD iPad app combines some of my favorite Montessori learning methods in an app with a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

If you’ve been looking for an app that can double as an immersive French language lesson for tots, the new Montessori Letter Sounds HD in French app from Les Trois Elles Interactive might be just what your family is looking for.

This app combines lessons on colors, letters, numbers, shapes and positions, and even contains a fun drawing board.

This hilarious, well-crafted app is appropriate for Shakespeare lovers of all ages.

This app for iPad acts like a virtual sidewalk, and challenges kids with increasingly difficult chalk patterns that they use a real pinch action to trace.

This app is absolutely amazing and sure to draw your little ones in to a world where learning is as cool as it gets.

This tot-friendly app touches on letters, puzzles, sizes, counting, matching, colors, shapes, shadows, patterns, differences and more, in one streamlined package kids of any age are going to find easy to navigate.

This well-crafted collection of standard kid games is all action and no words.

Looking for a cool way to drive a lesson about gravity home with your family? The new Gravity Force iPhone app may be just what the doctor ordered.

The recent release of version 3.0 of Tapikeo HD comes jam packed with tons of new features.

We’ve seen it on the iPad in all its glory, but now it’s time for my crew to take a look at the Playground Mini app for iPhone, put out by savvy app designer Jan Essig.

Learning letters has never been as fun as it was with Alphabeast.

First Words International HD is a toddler-centric app designed to help kids learn new words through repetition, visual and audio cues and practice games.

This universal app engages kiddos in an animal feeding game where they’re rewarded with stickers.

This app is a collection of 17 original songs, laid out in a super kid-friendly app, sure to please little ones with an affinity for music.

The new Sight Words with Word Bingo app puts more than 140 words together in one app, but needs some improvements.

This app combines several popular kid-friendly games in a single app, to really solid results.

This app takes a practical and fun approach to teaching kids the basic rules and strategy for the game of chess.

The new CookieCoo Dancing Star app combines fun kid’s tunes, cute dancing characters and rhythm gameplay for a bright and shiny app that’s a ton of fun.

This new app for iPad is designed to build your child’s reading comprehension skills with fun exercises and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Sam and Ben is a thoughtfully designed and intelligently written eBook app designed to encourage children to celebrate their differences and find a common ground.

With all the fun animations, smart science and interactive scenes, your kids are going to want to live in Jeffy’s World.

The multiplication powerhouse app from Operatio got a serious make over. It now features the same great practice skills, and tons of new features and options.

Ellison The Elephant is a beautifully illustrated eBook with a heartwarming tale about finding your voice and the importance of being yourself.

Get in touch with what makes storytelling an enduring oral tradition with The Traditional Storyteller – The Giant Turnip.

The Adventures of Robin Hood introduces children to the classic story of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But you get a lot more than just a good story with this app.

Whether they dream of being a super hero or a princess, the Dress up Fred and His Friends iPhone app can help kids channel their inner urge to don fun outfits without making a big mess at home.

Oolly is the latest app dedicated to building motor skills and language recognition in the pre-k crowd.

Give kids a space-age boost as they face fourth grade with the 4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App.

Kid-Capsule lets you create, keep and share your precious moments with ease.

This pared down encyclopedia is ideal for little learners, reinforcing language skills through fun pictures, clear audio and written cues.