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See the world through the enchanting eyes of the extraordinary Jenny Jones. Travel through this enchanting story, and see for yourself that it's ok to be a little different.

This beautiful app answers that age-old question, do our toy animals have adventures while we're not looking? The answer is a definite yes. Follow Puppup on his adventures at the zoo with this gorgeous app.

Join your favorite family of Critters, as they continue their family vacation. Help the Critters continue on their journey by solving some interactive puzzles. From jigsaw puzzles, to coloring in, there is lots of fun to be had with this app.

This beautifully illustrated app takes you on an exciting adventure - the Critter’s family road trip! You’ll run into problems along the way, so you’ll need your thinking cap on to make sure you get to your vacation destination.

This interactive app is the perfect way to teach your child to count. It contains all the fun of counting a bag of sweets, but none of the toothache. Kids will love learning with this fun and engaging app.

This stylish, colorful app is filled with hilarious characters to teach kids how to problem solve. Mixing imagination with reality, illustration with photo, and learning with fun, this game really does offer the best of all worlds.

This high quality app uses brightly colored interactive mazes to help kids learn to problem solve. Each maze has a different theme to explore.