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My NannyBook is a baby care tracker, record book, and scrapbook all rolled into one. Parents, caregivers, friends, and family members and everyone invited can join the group about your little one’s care. The app is set up to make communication between care provider and parent easier and more convenient, but it can also help keep grandparents and other relatives in the loop of your child’s life and also serve as a handy place to record medical information like shot records and medication dosages.

Features include:

  • Secure and comprehensive
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Free trial available
  • 14 icons/suggestions for the daily feed section
  • Included photo album and medical records section


My NannyBook is a high quality app. You can visit the developers’ website at Developers were very thorough in setting up the sections, including many that young parents will want and need. Most of the icons are clear and easy to identify. However, the app is comprehensive enough that an embedded tutorial might make things easier for parents and others to explore all of its features. Watch for small glitches, as well- for example, the app calculated my “newborn’s” age as 7 months even though I entered a birth date of one week prior.

There are some incidences of overlapping text that make a few titles difficult to read, and many of the comments have the feel of translated English. For example, one drop down menu driven section reads “(child’s name) participate actively to coloring.” There are many similar poorly-translated sentences, which might make it challenging for users of limited reading skill to use. Also, there are some glaring differences in sections such as the medications given, and no option to customize these. The listed medications are not commonly given to infants or children in this country, so any notes in this regard would have to be typed out.

Ease of Use

This app is icon-driven for the most part. For example, in the News Feed section, there are 14 different icons including notes for nap time, feeding, diapering, feeding, medications administered, medical report (like fever or other symptoms), activities, time outside and the weather, toileting with a handy checklist, tooth brushing, and even reports on developmental milestones. Each section has a one sentence comment that includes a drop-down menu of common situations, which would be convenient for busy care providers to manage for many children. There are places for everyone to comment, so important information can pass both ways.

In addition, My NannyBook includes a variety of reports where information is compiled so parents and caregivers can see long-term trends. There is a health report so medical information is in one spot, and a photo album for easy sharing with the entire group.


My NannyBook will enhance communication among everyone who has responsibility or interest in the child. Grandparents can be included and get up-to-the-minute information about eating, sleeping, and play each day. Parents and care givers can easily send quick comments back and forth.

It includes a breastfeeding tracker, as well, that offers a lot of options for record-keeping. You can customize the notifications as well as set up specific feeds of information for specific people.

The app is designed for use in day care settings. In fact, there is a discount available if a user refers an entire daycare business to use the app for everyone. Users can customize the tracker feeds, so that older children’s feeds are not cluttered with information about diapers and babies are not full of irrelevant information about tooth brushing.


This app is free to download and try out for 21 days. Users will need to provide contact information, including email. After the trail period, the app is billed in Euros. The current costs are 2.99 per month, 15.99 for six months, or 29.99 for an annual subscription (all in Euros).


This app protects users’ privacy. They have a clear privacy policy that is easy to find and read on the developers’ website. There are some links to the developers’ website from within the app, and from there, social media links, but there are not many ways to jump from the app to the internet inadvertently.



Ease of Use
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My NannyBook is a comprehensive and useful communication tool and scrapbook for parents and caregivers to use in letting everyone involved with the child how the day progressed. There are also sections for record-keeping and even photos, so the app can serve as a recording scrapbook to preserve both information and memories.