10 Free Pikachu Coloring Pages for Kids

We've brought Pikachu from the big screen to your printer - gotta color them all!

Free Pikachu Coloring Pages

Free Pikachu Coloring Pages

From the incredibly popular series Pokemon, we bring you Pikachu coloring pages. This electrifying character is loved by kids world round; he’s chock full of personality with his adorable reactions to his friends adventures and pretty darn cute all around.

We created these original coloring pages for you to use! That’s right – all yours, for free. Just download to your computer, print, and you’re off to the coloring races.

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 Pikachu Coloring Pages (Download or Print)

Concerned Pikachu coloring page Pikachu on pokeball coloring page Pikachu wearing Ash hat coloring page Pikachu eating apple coloring page Pikachu wearing a scarf coloring page Pikachu wearing a hat coloring page Pikachu cheering coloring page Pikachu leaping coloring page Defiant Pikachu Coloring Page Determined Pikachu coloring page