Top Playful Toys for 7 Year Old Girls Gift Giving

Seven-year-old girls tend to love toys that “hint” at growing up, as well as allowing them to unleash their creativity. Combine those concepts with state of the art technology and you have an accurate description of the toys available to young ladies in this age range. At this age kids still love to craft, learn new things, play with toys and try new things. Hold on to this age-group before they are consumed with YouTube!

These best toys for girls around 7 years of age are well rated, at a good price point and perfect as a gift. Of course, some of these can be appropriate for girls a little younger and there are many that have been popular with boys too.

LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran

LEGO Friends Sunshine CatamaranYour elementary student is well aware of the LEGO Friends series. This 603 piece set is priced for gift-giving and will certainly keep her busy for hours. We love that it comes with four different friends and is challenging enough for a 7 year old.Buy from $56

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Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing StationWe have all walked past a Build-a-Bear store and heard begging from children. They just NEED another stuffed animal. This set-up comes with everything she needs, from a stuff station, to an adorable teddy bear, to lots of cool accessories. And even a signature wish-upon heart that brings the bear to life. Also includes adoption certificates for both bears. Buy from $16

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Crazy Forts

Crazy FortsThis is fun and educational at the same time. This set allows for many, many different fort combinations and shapes. When finished put a blanket overtop for an awesome family movie night. Buy from $39

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Hasbro Furby Connect Friend

Hasbro Furby Connect FriendThe Furby Connect came in at #1 on the list of 2017 best toys for 7 year-old girls. Revamped from the beloved 90s classic, the Furby Connect is an adorable, interactive critter that comes to life with a downloadable app. Her bright eyes, wiggly ears, and emotive expressions let friends know how she feels. Includes a sleep mask. Buy from $35

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Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack

Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party PackLockitz are the new thing for BFFs. Perfect for slumber parties and crafty sleepovers, these charms are customizable with lots-a decals and fun sparkles. They are great friendship charms. And they clip to lots of stuff, like backpacks and necklaces.

Additionally, this play set is easy to put together and guarantees lots of backyard fun for the kiddies. The imaginations will undoubtedly run wild as they enjoy this set day after day. Buy from $30

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Kick Scooter for Kids

Kick Scooter for KidsWith adjustable handlebar heights, light up wheels and flash colors, this scooter can convince even the most indoor kid to go outside and play. What we like the most is that we can go on swift walks or runs with our daughter while she rides. We both get some exercise! Plus, this is super lightweight so if we need to carry it back, there is no problem. Buy from $56

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Maya Toys Pom Pom Wow!

Maya Toys Pom Pom Wow!When I think of pom-poms, I automatically think of cheerleaders. But these frilly, cute accessories can be scaled down and used for decoration on backpacks, notebooks, lockers, and lots more. This set shows girls how to make their own pom-poms. Buy from $10

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Craftster’s Sewing Kits

Craftster's Sewing KitsThis is perfect for rainy days or playdates with friends. The set comes with five sewing projects that is perfectly aged for your 5-8 year old. They are fun, but also teach a little bit along the way! Buy from $25

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