Free Apps Young Boys Will Love

If you have young boys in your household, then you know that they have a style all their own. Here’s a great list of free apps that boys from preschool through early elementary grades will absolutely love!

Racing & Driving Apps

Young guys love to drive!

Kids Car Racers

Adam Berent – Free with ads

Kids Car RacersWith controls designed to be intuitive for kids as young as 18 months, this app will get your little guy racing like the big kids. Racers can go for speed or they can “bump” other cars and obstacles, which can be fun in and of itself. With 18 car types and 5 environments, there’s no shortage of fun.

Slightly older guys will enjoy the point system and work to grab that high score. This game has something for every racer, and it will entertain the young men for hours.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Kids Racing Islands, Race for Kids

Azul Multimedia – Free with in-app purchases


Kids Racing IslandsRace karts using the device as the steering wheel. Guys will have a great time tearing around the island in toy cars.

Best of all, there are realistic crash sounds, skid marks, and tire smoke-all the things that make racing worthwhile!

As you race, you can earn coins to use for improving your ride. This will make it even more satisfying to cross the finish line in record time.

Google Play 

Beach Buggy Racing

Vector Unit – Free with in-app purchases

Beach Buggy RacingOptions are the name of the game in this off-road kart-racing app. Customize the cars, and roll off in anything from a monster truck to a lunar rover.

The game offers 25 power-ups and 15 different tracks with a whole range of obstacles, including dinosaurs and lava.

The app has options to modify the way you control the cars, too, making it ideal for young men who need to tilt the entire device or use a touchscreen.

Google Play / iOS App Store

3D Snow Ice Cream Kids Truck Traffic Driving

Innovative Soft – Free

3D Snow Ice Cream KidsIs racing on a track getting a bit boring and humdrum? Boys can try their hand at careening through traffic as they hurry the ice cream truck to its hungry customers.

Kids have even more control with the zoom in-zoom out camera, adding to the sensory fun. And players can collect coins along the way, which is always a plus.

iOS App Store

Dinosaur & Monster Apps

Dinosaur Games – Jurassic Dino Simulator for Kids

Yateland – Free with in-app purchases

Dinosaur GamesPreschool boys and up will enjoy these 12 mini-games themed around dinosaurs. All are adaptive, meaning that they will adjust the level of difficulty to your guy’s abilities so things don’t get too frustrating.

Kids can play a memory game, excavate dinosaur fossils, bring a baby pterodactyl to life and more as they play. There’s even a whack-a-mole-like game where you get to bop dinos! What could be more fun than that?

iOS App Store

Dinosaurs for Toddlers

romeLab – Free with in-app purchase

Dinosaurs for Toddlers FREEThis app combines dinosaur fun with learning and a virtual coloring book. Kids can find out about their favorite dinosaurs. They can also color right on the screen.

This museum at your fingertips will provide hours of learning and fun for boys who love dinosaurs. They can easily choose which of the big guys to explore and color.

Google Play 

Kids Dinosaur Puzzle Games: Toddlers Free Puzzles

Gennadii Zakharov – Free

Kids Dinosaur Puzzle GamesLittle boys will adore this collection of dinosaur jigsaw puzzles designed just for them! The simple shape puzzles will promote logical thinking and matching skills. The dinosaurs will capture the imagination!

This app features brightly-colored and simply-drawn dinosaur pictures. There are even sound effects that will tickle your boy to pieces.


iOS App Store

Highlights Monster Day

Highlights for Children, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Highlights Monster DayThese monsters aren’t so very monstrous – they will help your young guy develop kindness, compassion, and several other positive traits.

The app also builds skills with daily routines, self-confidence, and many other important things.

Help the monsters through the school day, a visit to a farm, and more. The familiar environments will only add to the fun.

Google Play / iOS App Store

More Fun for Boys

Boys love trucks!

Lego Duplo Train

Lego System A/S – Free

LEGO® DUPLO® TrainBuild the tracks and bridges, load the cargo, and drive the train in this hands-on app from Lego Systems. Your young man will love this virtual train set that mimics the Duplo First Train.

Preschoolers will develop thinking and planning skills as they navigate the train around obstacles and work their way around the virtual world.

It’s also great for helping young minds grasp shapes, colors, and other important concepts.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Transformers Rescue Bots: Hero

Budge Studios – Free with in-app purchases

Transformers Rescue BotsYoung guys will love taking each of 4 rescue bots on five missions through fires and floods. Everyone loves to be a hero! The app encourages teamwork and other positive values.

This app will appeal to the imaginative guys as they save the day again and again, just like the Transformers in the movies and on TV. And what kid doesn’t love Transformers??

Google Play / iOS App Store

Trucks – By Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose LLC – Free with in-app purchases

Trucks by Duck Duck MooseDo all the big-boy things with the trucks in this app-take them to the car wash, put on a parade, use the big machines like dump trucks, and take out the garbage. The app is designed for little fingers, with intuitive, colorful controls.

Each of the games teaches some important concepts, too. Kids will do sorting, sequencing, and problem-solving, to name a few.

Google Play / iOS App Store

The Cat in the Hat Builds That

PBS Kids – Free

The Cat in the Hat Builds ThatIntroduce your inquisitive boy to engineering concepts in this great app from PBS Kids! Build bridges, explore friction, and much, much more in this free app that’s designed to push limits of curiosity.

Young engineers also earn rewards to decorate their tree houses. There are mini-games to unlock, too. Budding engineers will find tons of fun with this app that offers hours of constructive play.

Google Play / iOS App Store