10 Non-Violent Mobile Games Great for Kids

Here are some examples of the best kids’ games that the mobile world has to offer. Best of all, parents won’t need to worry about their children getting extra doses of violence or mayhem. These games are fun for the kids without introducing objectionable content.

Child playing on tablet.

Low-Key and Relaxing

Desert Golfing

Blinkbat Games – $1.99

Desert GolfingThis game is as far from violent as they come. How about a nice relaxing round of golf? The “holes” are all on a desert, with breathtaking desert scenery and some great physics-based puzzles on each hole.

There’s no interaction with others at all (violent or otherwise), and the game is absolutely addicting. Hundreds of users have given it a whopping 4.6 rating on the App Store and 4.5 on Google Play. Give it a try!

Google Play / iOS App Store

Groove Coaster2 Original Style

TAITO Corporation – Free with in-app purchases

Groove Coaster 2All the world is musical in this unique combination of roller coaster and rhythm band. Ride the rails while you drum along to a wide selection of tunes. This game takes our natural propensity to tap fingers or other body parts in time to the music to a whole new level.

Keep up with the beat to earn awards and unlock whole new experiences. The app now supports multi-touch, so you can use extra fingers as you follow along. You can also play with friends or on your own.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Whale Trail

Ustwo Games, Ltd – Free with in-app purchases

Whale Trail FrenzyWhat’s not to like about this wholesome game as players help Willow the Whale to make friends, collect “blubbles,” and learn new skills? There are 96 levels, so kids will be playing for a while here.

The reviews on this app come from a collection of middle-sized kids (10-12 years old) who sing its praises as a game that they started out loving as preschoolers and, though they as a group says they don’t like childish games, they still love Whale Trail and are not ashamed to admit it. That bodes well for the game’s longevity as kids grow.

Google Play / iOS App Store


Martin Magni – Free with in-app purchases

MekoramaHere’s a relaxing game that involves helping a teensy robot move through various “dioramas”. There are tools to design your own ‘scapes, too. Players try to solve the puzzles and collect cards along the way.

One unique aspect about this game is that the developer asks you to try as long as you like, then pay what you feel it’s worth to you.

It’s gotten a lot of 4 and 5-star reviews, and many reviewers talk about how they decided to pay the developer because the game is so much fun.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Logic and Thinking Puzzles


AVOKIDDO – $3.99

Thinkrolls - Logic PuzzlesKids from preschool through at least middle elementary levels will be fascinated by these logic and physics puzzles. And along the way, they will hone problem-solving skills that they will need for the rest of their lives.

Each level sets up a maze with puzzles to solve. Players who navigate well and figure things out will be rewarded with advancing to the next level. How high can they go?

Read the full review from Best Apps for Kids right here. Remember, too, that this is the starting point. Check the App Store and Google Play for Thinkrolls 2 and Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens, as well.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Tic Tac Rings

Workflow Management and Optimization, Inc. – Free

Tic Tac RingsWhat could be simpler than tic tac toe? This game is deceptively simple, addictive, and nonviolent. The 3 x 3 board is ready and waiting for players to place rings wherever they wish.

The rings come in three sizes, and a multitude of colors. Put three rings in a row that have matching colors, and all three will disappear. The challenge is to place the rings correctly so that the board has empty spots to use for the next ring.

It sounds easy, but it quickly approaches impossible. The app keeps tabs on the player’s high score, so there’s always the challenge of trying to better next time. Want more information? Read the review on Best Apps for Kids right here.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Pegs ‘n Holes

Jordan Naftolin – Free with in-app purchases

Pegs 'n HolesHere’s another deceptively simple logic game that will quickly find it way onto the favorites list. Its roots come from the old game with the golf tees that sometimes shows up in quaint toy stores.

The goal of this game is to place the colored pegs into holes such that all of them can be arranged on the board without accidentally blocking yourself. It’s a LOT harder than it sounds!

This eye-catching game is suitable for nearly any age group and will keep puzzle hounds interested for hours. You can read the review on Best Apps for Kids right here.

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Unique and Fun

World of Goo

2D Boy – $4.99

This award-winning game is one of those that you’ll need to see and try to fully understand its scope (or even its nature!). It is based on Goo Balls, who live in a world all their own, and can be used to build a huge array of structures and devices.

The game offers an almost unlimited set of puzzles and activities, so it will keep users engaged for a long, long time. Play solo, or participate in the massive online game and take your place on the leaderboard.

Google Play / iOS App Store

Goldminer Classic 2018

Senspark Co., LTD – Free with in-app purchases

Gold Miner 2018Feel the excitement of a real, live goldrush in this classic game that has been redone for 2018. Players mine gold nuggets and aim for high scores through thirty levels. They can also unlock new challenges and unique characters.

The game offers a friendly and intuitive interface, and the opportunity to dominate the worldwide leader board. Add a bit of random excitement when you get to spin the lucky wheel!

Google Play / iOS App Store

Tap the Frog

Playmous – $1.99

Tap the FrogThis endearing frog can have tons of adventures with your help. He’s on a mission to become a prince, and his quest takes him from his home pond all the way into outer space. Over 25 games will keep users entertained, and the app is set up for multiplayer fun.

Tap your way to a higher rank than your friends in this fast-paced and fun game. It’s won more than a few awards, and the developers claim over 50 million users. Give it a try!

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