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Zap Zap Math offers intergalactic practice with a wide array of math skills from kindergarten through grade six. The free version offers a wide selection of games and activities at all grade levels (K-6) with lots of practice problems. The premium version expands the collection and allows unlimited access.

Features include:

  • Fast paced and interactive
  • Organized by topic and grade level
  • Topics and games arranged in order of difficulty
  • Motivational tools, such as earned points and stars
  • Adaptive activities become more or less challenging based on performance


Zap Zap Math is a high-quality app. Developers have found a good mix of motivational extras, intriguing characters, and fun games that will keep most kids entertained while they are learning, and have done an outstanding job of setting up engaging games that practice not only a huge array of math skills but also tap into higher-order thinking skills such as logic and problem-solving.


This app is an outstanding example of a math practice app.  It offers an array of topics, including place value, geometry, math facts and operations, fractions, measurement, and more. The free version includes 2-4 games at each of the grade levels, each of which has four sections, moving from training  through speed and accuracy to application. The subscription version has over 150 games and offers more features.

The activities are keyed to most of the Common Core math standards at each grade level, so the app offers practice with just about every skill that elementary students need to master.  It’s easy to move from one level or topic to another, so the app easily accommodates children with mixed developmental levels-they can play at lower grade levels with skills that are weak and challenge themselves with above grade level activities when needed.


Kids of all ages will love Zap Zap Math. The space and alien theme is sure to be a hit, not matter what the age group, and the developers have incorporated levels and motivational perks to keep interest levels high. The games are varied and fun, too, but they are short and sweet, which is perfect for quick practice.  Playing them will pack a lot of punch and have a lot of value for the youngsters. Young users can compete with themselves or others for points and bragging rights as they unlock various achievements in the game.


Zap Zap Math is an outstanding value. This high-quality app is available for free in the App Store, and will provide loads of targeted math practice for students from preschool and kindergarten through grade six and beyond.  If I were you, I’d grab it quick before they change their minds! The free version includes numerous games and covers grade levels K through 6.  There is an annual subscription available for $9.99 that unlocks all 156 games, opening up a wealth of possibilities for families with multiple children and for classroom use.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. There is a “Rate Us” button that is visible, but the links in that section are protected by a parent gate that will be effective for most elementary students.  It involves solving a complex math problem that can include several steps. It might be better if the administrative area were protected in the same way.

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