Word Magic: Educational Word Search Puzzles

Word Magic: Educational Word Search Puzzles

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Learn new vocabulary words through themed word search puzzles in Word Magic: Educational Word Search Puzzles, a fun app for kids.

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Build vocabulary by completing themed word search puzzles. From animals to sports and jobs to space, kids can learn words in a wide variety of categories. Unlike a traditional word search, whenever kids find a word they also get to read the definition of the word. This enhances the educational value of the game.

Features include:

  • Themed Word Searches
  • Word definitions
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Stars for solving puzzles


The app is divided into two main sections: Getting Started and More Words, More Fun. Tapping on the Getting Started section leads kids to five different categories of word search puzzles. As kids complete each puzzle their “best time” is displayed underneath the category name. The word searches themselves are each to play. Kids can easily read the words and highlight them in the puzzle. A settings section also allows kids to adjust the sound effects and background music and determine whether to show the word descriptions once a word has been highlighted.


Through Word Magic, kids can learn words in a wide variety of categories. Not only do they discover how to spell the words through the word search puzzles, they also get to learn the meaning of those words. The one downside to the app is that everything is text-based. For kids learning new words or still learning to read English, it may be difficult to understand the descriptions. Adding an audio component would allow kids to hear the words and descriptions to improve their understanding.


Themed word search puzzles allow kids to discover words in categories that pique their interest. Kids can find words related to sports, space, animals, and more. The app also encourages kids to improve their time as they solve puzzles, giving them a reason to play puzzles again and again.


Kids can play five levels for free. An additional levels can be unlocked through an in-app purchase. If kids like the first five levels, the in-app purchase is inexpensive and a worthwhile download.

Child Friendliness

The app does contain an in-app purchase, but access to the in-app purcahse is protected by a parental block. Aside from the in-app purchase, all of the content within the app is appropriate for children.

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