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Kids can put their knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and base words to the test through a series of fast-paced quizzes in UnicornRunner.

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Unicorn Runner helps kids learn English by focusing on prefixes and suffixes.

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Before playing, kids might find it helpful to review the help section of the app. This gives a brief overview of how to play the game. The game is divided into three levels: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. Kids must pick a level to play. Each grade is also divided into sub-levels. Once a level is chosen, the quizzes begin. The instructions appear at the top of the screen with the questions and answer choices below. Each question is timed which makes the quizzes fast-paced.


To play, kids work their way through different quizzes. In each quiz, they’re asked to identify either the parts or meanings of given words. Kids must read and answer the question in the given time period. All questions are multiple choice, but the type of question asked changes frequently, which helps keep the game interesting.


A short time limit for answering each question helps keep kids on their toes, but it may make the game more frustrating than entertaining at times. At the end of each level, kids are shown their score and encouraged to try to do well in the next round.


UnicornRunner is free to download. Despite the annoyance of the ads, it offers a large collection of practice questions for kids, making it a great value.

Child Friendliness

When kids first open the app, the first thing they see is an ad. Ads also display at the bottom of the screen. While the ads are a bit of an annoyance, kids will be so focused on the game that they may not notice them at the bottom.

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