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Turbofinger Arcade Racing App Review

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Move over Mario Andretti, there’s a new driver in town! With Turbofinger Arcade Racing any one can channel their inner Mario and race to their heart’s content! Challenge your friends or challenge yourself! No matter how you play, you will love it and feel like you’ve won the Grand Prix!

The point of this game is easy: reach the end of the track as quickly as you can while dodging obstacles and collecting gears along the way. To play, simply put your finger on the screen and the race begins. Use your finger to steer the car around the race track. It will gain speed the longer you stay on the track without hitting anything. If you finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place you will earn coins to purchase boosts to help you in the race.

I love this app because it is one of those games that the entire family can enjoy it! It is easy enough for a 4 year old to play but challenging enough for adults to love it too. And, if you have an ultra-competitive family like mine, there may be a few challenges thrown down and some trash-talking involved as well! The only downside to this app, is that it does have ads that pop up occasionally but if you can get past that, then you will have hours of family fun with Turbofinder Arcade Racing!

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