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I don’t know about you, but one of the things I use my iPhone for most often is to listen to music. Whether at the gym, in my car, or around the house while I’m cleaning I am thankful to have a whole music library easily accessible with the touch of my screen. TSC Music is a cool app that aims to improve your music listening experience AND help avoid hearing loss at the same time with their “Threshold Sound Conditioning Technology”.

To start using this app, all it takes is a quick setup for maximum benefit. You’ll need to have your earbuds or headphones plugged in before you start. The first step is to select either Left or Right, meaning left ear or right ear. A series of tones will play in that ear and you must move the slider button down the scale until you reach the minimum auditory level you can hear for that tone. You will repeat that process for the other ear. Now you are ready to begin your listening experience. The app will access your music library and all music played from within the app will be customized according to the levels you chose during set up.

While I am not sure I fully understand the technology that this app uses, I do know that I definitely noticed a difference in my music in the app. It sounded clearer and was easier to hear without having to turn the volume way up. I also have no way of determining yet if it is actually preventing hearing loss but, based on the improved sound quality I experienced, I will definitely be using this app for listening to music from now on.

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