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Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing App Review

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Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is an arcade-style driving game that offers users an array of vehicles with options such as color changes and accessories such as types of tires. Players are challenged on four different games to drive down a virtual freeway, avoid collisions, and make the best times through the course.

Features include:

  • Earn points for performance
  • Exchange points for more options
  • Choose from four games
  • Choose touch screen or gyro navigation
  • Choose rainy/day/night mode


Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is a high quality app that performs very well and has a host of user options, such as the detail of the graphics, that can customize the experience.  The controls on the touch screen are a bit complicated to use (set up much like a real car, with accelerator, brake pedal, and turn signals), and the gyro mode does ease some of this complexity. The app would benefit from a quick tutorial or other set of instructions to help new users understand the choices that they get to make.  The main detractor from the experience of playing is the extreme amount of advertising that interrupts game play and even set up.  Ads are shown at nearly every click, delaying the user’s experience to a point that it is distracting.


This app is not intended to be educational.


This app is highly entertaining, and will please fans of racing games to no end. Users can choose from 3 colors for their car when they first set up, as well as a few other options. There are also several options for games and for conditions, including two-way and one-way racing, as well as daytime, nighttime, and rainy conditions. Racing successfully (with speed and avoiding collisions) gives players points that can be used to unlock additional options, such as other colors for the car, special tires, and different makes/models of racers.


This app is free on the App Store, but it has so many advertisements that disrupt the experience that it doesn’t warrant the usual outstanding rating for value.  Still, for racing fans, the app is probably worthwhile to download. It would be nice if there was a way to “earn” an ad-free experience for a time using the points earned within the app.

Child Friendliness

This app contains numerous advertisements that connect directly to the internet, making it unsuitable for younger users.  Some ads are for adult games or other products that, while not X or R rated, some parents may find unsuitable for young children. For example, users may see advertisements for violent video games.

  • YES more apps (visible and unprotected)
  • YES 3rd party advertisements (lots of them)
  • YES social media connections
Child Friendly
Traffic Racer - Wild Run Car Racing
Traffic Racer – Wild Run Car Racing is a fun app that allows users to take the wheel of virtual racing car navigating freeway traffic. The user has control of the make/model of the car, its color, and a host of other options. There are also various options to customize game play. The main drawback is the extreme number of advertisements that run after nearly every click in the app.
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