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Whether you’re a parent who wants to know where your teen is at all times or a teen who frequently loses your phone, you may want to consider Track Any Phone from ilocateMobile. This free tracking app allows you to track any phone, as long as you have the user’s consent. Rather than relying on GPS, the app relies on cellular towers and wifi routers to help you gain access to a phone’s location.

Features include:

  • Track location for your phone
  • Track locations for others’ phones
  • Download app for free
  • Get location based on cell phone and wifi data


To use Track Any Phone, you must set up a free account. If you choose to track your own phone, you must also give the app permission to access location data. If you want to track someone else, you must send that person an invitation. Once the person accepts your invitation, you can begin tracking. Track Any Phone does not do any tracking without another person’s consent. The app must also be installed on the other person’s phone and location tracking enabled in order for the app to work.


This app is not being rated for education.


This app is not being rated for entertainment.


The app is free to download. In-app purchases allow you to receive location information in different ways. For example, you can retrieve the location through a text message or a missed call. Most of the app’s functions can be used without an in-app purchase. However, because the app does not rely on GPS, its information is not always reliable.

Child Friendliness

Users will find that the app is full of ads. Ads for other tracking services pop up before completing nearly any action. None of the ads are protected. Given that this app may be installed on a teen’s phone, parents may not want to install the app and give teens access to the ads.

  • NO rate us
  • YES in-app purchase
  • YES 3rd party ads
Track Any Phone
Free tracking app lets you track the location of your phone and others (with their consent) through cellular tower and wifi router data.
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