The Singing Alphabet

The Singing Alphabet

The Singing Alphabet is brought to you by the Ministry of Letters, a fantastic name for an alphabet-centric app company! Twenty-six alphabet letters are here to sing and groove as your child uses them to spell out words. When children tap on an alphabet letter it begins to sing out its phonetic sound. They can listen to this sound on its own or they can tap on another letter, and another as they spell out a word. Altogether the letters combine for engaging music. I love the look of The Singing Alphabet, it was unique style and each letter conveys its own personality. When they sing they’ll move and get into the music which makes the app even more entertaining.

I thought it was great fun to hear the alphabet letters sing but I did find myself wishing for a way to hear the letters simply say their name and the sound out the words. It might be nice to have a non-singing set of letters for when the singing alphabet got tired. Overall I really like the concept and look of this app. The rhythm, beat and singing used to make the music are clever, unique and a catchy way to hook the kids on phonics.

Price when Reviewed: $.99 for iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch versions

See the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch version

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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