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The Grossery Gang and Yucky Mart have gone digital. In the Grossery Game app, kids can unlock and interact with some of their favorite Grossery Gang characters. The more kids play, the more characters they can unlock. For fans of the Grossery Gang, the Grossery Game is a delightfully disgusting app that they’re sure to love.

Features include:

  • Listen to sound effects
  • Unlock Grossery Gang characters
  • Play arcade-style games
  • Increase your Smelly Stash


When kids open the app, they’re taking into the world of The Grossery Gang. The first time kids use the app, one of the Grossery Gang characters takes kids on a tour of all of the options. This tutorial is a great way to introduce kids to the different components of the app. It may seem a little busy at first, particularly with the themed backgrounds, but kids will find that it’s fairly easy to navigate. All of the games are easy to play and the app features fun background music and gross sound effects, such as farting and buzzing flies, to keep kids entertained.


This game is not being rated for education.


Fans of The Grossery Gang will be thoroughly entertained with the Grossery Game app. In this app, kids get the chance to collect digital versions of their favorite Grossery Gang characters. To earn more characters, kids can watch short videos or play fun arcade-style games. When each character is unlocked, it is added to the collection screen. There kids can view all of their characters, as well as see how rare the characters are and what series they come from.


Kids can download and play the app for free. In-app purchases allow kids to purchase more items to use within the app. Some of the in-app purchases are fairly expensive, while others are priced extremely high. Parents should encourage kids to play the game without the extra options.

Child Friendliness

As kids play games and explore the app, they’re occasionally prompted to watch a video to earn extra items and other bonuses. In-app purchase also allow kids to get additional items for use within the app. While these purchases are protected by a parental block, it’s one that is particularly appealing to kids and fairly easy to get around.

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  • YES in-app purchase (protected, but visible)
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Child Friendly
Grossery Game
Head on down to the Yucky Mart and start collecting digital Grossery Gang characters in Grossery Game, a delightfully disgusting app for kids.
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