Are You A Developer? Looking To Get Your Kids App Reviewed?

These are questions we get all the time – “My app is perfect for youngsters, I want my app reviewed by a mom with a toddler?”, “This dinosaur app I created is fun, how do I get my app in front of moms?”, “How do I get a teacher to review my reading app, I think it can really help a lot of kids?”, “I need feedback from real parents to improve my app, what do I do?”.

You’re in luck because families, teachers and parents turn to TheiPhoneMom for unbiased information and trusted advice on the best apps for their children. We have a team of app reviewers (parents and teachers) who specialize in giving apps a run for their money and then writing unbiased and real reviews which they share with our thousands of readers.

If you are an iPhone, iPad, or Android developer who’d like to see your awesome kid-focused app reviewed by real parents or educators, we are here to help. If you have a kids app, forget slogging through the entire internet and paying for fake reviews or hoping that people will review your app on their own. You can get real reviews from real parents right here.

Kids App Reviews

Full App Review – This is a thorough review of your app. It will be an individual post and will include screenshots and a link to your app in iTunes. If your app is chosen for a full review you will be contacted for a promo code and provided with the review date. Due to the number of app review requests we get, reviews are typically posted 12-24 weeks after submission. If you want an expedited review because time is of the essence please check out our expedited review package. Please note, paying for an expedited review does not mean you get a good review. Our editors maintain full editorial control.

The Process is Easy. If you want to get your children’s app reviewed on please fill out the below form. Review requests made via email will not be responded to so please use the form. While we try our  best, because of the very high volume of review requests we get each day, it’s simply not possible to feature every app on the site. Our Expedited Review option does let you skip the regular queue and go to the front of the line. We can turn things around in under a week.

App Promotion & Advertising – Getting your app reviewed on the The iPhone Mom is a great start to getting your app in front of engaged moms. But that’s just the start, because at The iPhone Mom we want to get you lots of high quality downloads and make your successful. To do that we have designed several traditional paid advertising programs that will supercharge your results. These packages are worth checking on our developers page.

NEW. Maximum Exposure Add-On Package. We recently launched our new Maximum Exposure Add-on packages for app makers looking for a lot more exposure for their apps without having to opt for a more expensive advertising package. Simply choose the promotion options you like when submitting your app, it’s that easy.

– Social Promotion. We promote your app and/or review on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest over the course of an entire month. That includes us paying to “boost” your review on Facebook to get it in front of a larger parent audience.

– Email Newsletter. We have a popular email newsletter that is sent twice a week to over 5,000 parents (and growing). We can include you in that email with an image, blurb and link to download your app from the app store.

– Sponsored Post. In addition to a review we have some cool ways to promote your company and app by creating a sponsored post. This is a great opportunity for you to give parents advice, tell them a little bit about your company and even use it as a chance to run a with promo code campaign to drive downloads.