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Skiplit is a highly-entertaining and possibly addictive “bounce the ball into the goal” app. The extra twists and challenges, such as moving barriers and multiple balls in play, will keep even experienced players intrigued.

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Skiplit is a deceptively simple game: All you need to do is get the ball to hit the goal. However, each level becomes increasingly complicated as simple barriers, multiple color-coordinated balls and goals, and even barriers that move around are added. You need to quickly calculate angles and momentum to control the ball. Players have a limited number of bounces (or “skips”) allowed before the level ends, making play even more challenging.

Features include:

  • 72 levels
  • Increasing difficulty on each level
  • Varied types of balls, goals, and challenges
  • Moving barriers


Skiplit is a simple, yet high quality app. Everything works as expected, and the game’s physics engine is consistent. The developers were creative with their twists on this common form of game (bouncing a ball into a goal), including moving barriers, multiple balls and goals, and much more. Players can take a break from playing, and restart the level where they left off, which is a very positive feature with so many levels. Levels are grouped, and once a group is unlocked, all of the five to ten levels contained in the group are available to play.


This app is not intended to be educational.


Skiplit is highly entertaining, and many will find it addictive. It’s completely nonverbal, relying solely on visual and timing skills to launch the ball at the correct angle to put it into the goal. With 72 levels combined with the developers’ creativity in coming up with unique challenges, the game has outstanding play value. It definitely will cause players to say, “Just one more level…”


Skiplit is free on the App Store, making it a great value. The game is simple, yet fun, and has a wealth of content to explore. There is a paid option available for 99 cents to remove the ads if you wish.

Child Friendliness

This app contains outside advertisements in the free version, unprotected links to email and the internet, and access to Ipad’s “share” system.

  • YES unprotected in-app purchase
  • YES unprotected link to developers’ website
  • YES outside advertisements
  • YES unprotected email link

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