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Skiplit is a fun and unique puzzle app.  With Skiplit, kids can enjoy a simple, yet complex puzzle game all about colors meeting.  I thought that this app had a creative spin for a puzzle game.

In this puzzle game, players will simply swipe the ball to shoot it in the direction they want, bouncing it off walls and around obstacles to get it into the correctly colored goal.  Players can only bounce the ball a few times each level.  I like that almost every level can be completed in more than one way.  The levels are minimalistic in design, but feature complex puzzles.

As kids progress, they will discover that levels get more and more challenging.  For example, different colored balls and goals will be added, different types of balls will be added, and walls and goals will become moving targets, too!  Another feature I love, kids can build, play and share their own unique levels using the level designer.  Kids can also play levels created by others in the Skiplit Community, too.

I thought Skiplit was a fun puzzle game.  If you are looking for a puzzle game that will challenge your child, be sure to check out Skiplit.  The game could be fun for kids and adults, too!

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