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RingoWord is a literal “twist” on traditional word search puzzles, with the words being presented in a circular format. The rules are simple and the play is challenging.

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RingoWord –Word Search Game is a unique word puzzle that will tickle word search fans. Each word is presented with letters in a circle, and players must tap the first letter of the word. It’s much tougher than it sounds, especially when the puzzle presents words that have smaller words within them.  Of course, it is timed and the element of competition is added for good measure.

Features include:

  • Competitive or solo play
  • Words in clockwise or counter-clockwise directions
  • Two levels of difficulty
  • Unique word game
  • No internet connection required


RingoWord is a high quality word puzzle app that is simple to use and challenging to figure out. Developers include the ability to play in seven different languages as well as two levels of difficulty and competitive or noncompetitive options. There is a brief tutorial at the beginning of play when you first open up the app, but it’s hardly necessary since the rules are so simple. One feature that developers may want to consider adding is a button to abort a round and return to the main screen.  It would also be helpful to have a way to access explanation of the incentives and rewards available from the home screen in case users need a refresher course after the opening tutorial.


This app is highly educational. Some of the words are fairly simple, such as “home” or “wide,” but others are quite challenging, such as “proposition” (and these are on the easy level). Most challenging of all are words that have smaller words embedded within them, such as “remarkable.” The game is based on the player’s ability to tap the first letter of the word quickly.  It’s quite easy to tap on the “M” in “remarkable” when you notice the word “mark,” but that is not correct.

The letters to each word are arranged in a circle. Users can control if these letters appear in clockwise or counter-clockwise sequence. This means that the letters are tilted from many perspectives and some are always upside down. This perceptual challenge adds to the difficulty of the task. RingoWorld will build students’ perceptual and closure skills.

The game allows users to play in any of seven different languages, as well. This is a great vocabulary and spelling skill builder for anyone who wants a challenge or who is working on learning a foreign language.


RingoWord is highly entertaining if you enjoy word puzzles. The unique configuration of the word is truly challenging and very different from any other puzzle game that I’ve seen. Developers have also added several incentives that players can earn with good scores and times, including achievements for perfect scores, fastest times, and more. Best of all, some of the awards given can be used in the app’s “store” to purchase things like the capability to ‘freeze’ the screen, to slow the clock, or even to remove the advertisements (things that otherwise require real cash).



This app is free on the App Store, making it a great value if you enjoy word puzzles or want to try something unique and new. The ability to earn credits that can be used in place of cash is an added bonus.

Child Friendliness

This app includes unprotected links to the App Store as well as outside advertisements that link to the internet.

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RingoWord is a literal “twist” on traditional word search puzzles, with the words being presented in a circular format. The rules are simple and the play is challenging.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars