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Retro Shooting is a new app that looks like an old classic.  With Retro Shooting, players can enjoy a retro-style arcade plane shooting game.  I thought that this app would be fun for those who enjoyed games like Galaga years ago.

The Retro Shooting game features 3D graphics, an upgrade from the old 8-bit versions.  There are 75 levels to progress through, and 11 different aircrafts to choose from when playing – each plane has their own abilities and weapons.  The game features boss battles at the end of levels as well, much like the retro-style game experience.

I thought the Retro Shooting game would be a fun “pick up and play” style game.  If you would like to introduce your kids to a more retro style of game, be sure to check this one out.  I think it could be enjoyable for kids and adults.

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