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Review Summary:

Interact with shapes and build logic and visual-spatial skills with RelationShapes, a creative shapes app for kids.

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Price: Free
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Help kids learn about shapes in a fun, new way with RelationShapes. This creative app has kids manipulate shapes during different levels of play. Each level works on a different skill, such as shape constancy and shape construction. As kids work through the app, they can take pictures of the shapes they’ve made and earn items to make silly faces with their shapes. All in all RelationShapes is a fun, high-quality app for young kids.

Features include:

  • Add up to four players
  • Enjoy free play with shapes
  • Make silly faces
  • Take pictures to save within the app


One of the first things players will notice about the app is the bright colors. All of the games feature vibrant colors and fun background music. The shapes are easily manipulated and kids will have no trouble moving them as they need to. Adults can also set up multiple accounts (up to four) so that kids can play at their own pace. In the protected parent area, parents and teachers will find additional information about how to use the app and the benefits it provides.


In the protected parent area, adults can learn more about each stage of the app. Level 1 gives children a chance to explore the app. Each level after that focuses on a different skill. For example, Level 2 focuses on shape constancy, Level 5 focuses on triangles, and Level 7 focuses on multi-shape combinations and shape construction. Parents and teachers can track the progress of up to four players. As a child completes a level, two pictures are shown as an example of the progress that was made.


Kids may not realize they’re learning as they work through the different levels. For them, the app will simply seem like a place to play with shapes. Not only do kids get to manipulate the shapes to solve shape puzzles, they are also rewarded with fun items such as body parts and ice cream cones. They can use these items to make silly pictures with their shapes. Then they can take photos of their silly shapes and save them within the app.


Given the quality and the fact that the app is free, it offers a great value. Adults can set up 1-4 different players and there are eight levels for each player to get through.

Child Friendliness

Parents can access the protected parent area by tapping on the “Grown-ups” button on the main page of the app. There they can review information about the app and add or delete players. The app does allow kids to take photos, but the photos are not saved outside of the app.

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Interact with shapes and build logic and visual-spatial skills with RelationShapes, a creative shapes app for kids.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars