Puzzingo Toddler Kids Puzzles – Holiday Release

Puzzingo Toddler Kids Puzzles – Holiday Release App Review

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Price: Free (In-App Purchases)


Puzzingo is an engaging puzzle app designed for young children between the ages of 2 and 5. Unlike other puzzle apps, Puzzingo teaches more than just the drag and drop abilities. With every drop of a correct puzzle piece, kids get to hear the name or the sound of the complex shape they just connected. Plus, after completing each puzzle kids are rewarded with a really fun, interactive game. My four year old especially liked this part 🙂

For the 2017 Holiday season, there are a number of new additions including a present that needs to be shaken in order to get all the puzzle pieces.

Features include:

  • Holiday release: Truck puzzle pack
  • Holiday release: Toys puzzle pack
  • Holiday release: Classic puzzle pack that includes most popular archives
  • Simple, intuitive interface for younger children
  • No reading required
  • Real illustrations
  • Over 100 different puzzles
  • New puzzles released throughout the day
  • Mini-games that act as rewards


Puzzingo Puzzles is a very quality app that has won many awards since it went live years ago. The app’s developers created an easy, intuitive interface that works for the youngest age group and the designers worked hard on creating unique, engaging illustrations. The drag and drop functionality is pretty smooth and the touchpoints are big enough so my two-year-old didn’t get frustrated. Well done!

The app also has multi-language support in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.


Puzzles are innately educating and I always seem to feel a little better when I hand over the iPad with a puzzle game instead of YouTube. Most puzzle games are the same, but Puzzingo is different. There are more objects per puzzle and the fact that my little one gets to hear and sometimes read what puzzle piece is getting placed is a plus. For example, I love that the app announced the specific part of my son’s favorite digger instead of just giving silence or a humming sound (some other apps do this as you drag).  Puzzingo Puzzles plays like a game to our kids, but there is an incredible amount of learning going on as they play. Interactive puzzles cover subjects like ABCs, numbers, colors and shapes.

For those wanting to give their children exposure to many languages, kids can easily flip between the 5 offered to expand their vocabulary.



I have to admit that I thought this was just another puzzle app when I first learned about Puzzingo, but after my two kids each took a turn I soon realized something was different about this app. They didn’t want to put it down!

Each puzzle features creative objects that boys and girls love. There are trucks, construction sites, musical instruments, pets and more. It actually seems more like a game to them, which is great. The app itself is colorful and bright and has enough cool “stuff” to keep things interesting. At the end of each completed puzzle, there is a nice little mini-game reward. The game corresponds to the puzzle that was just completed and lasts a good amount of time. For example, after the new Holiday release truck puzzle, my two year old LOVED driving the truck across the screen and running into objects. My four year old got a huge kick out of dressing up and decorating a kitty cat.

Aside from mini-games, because there are over 100 puzzles the kids keep coming back to the app over and over. They are truly learning each time they try a new puzzle instead of simply going off of memory from the last app use. (I am pretty sure my two year old could do our other train puzzle app in his sleep, which I don’t like).


Puzzingo Puzzles is free to download and comes with seven free puzzles containing over 100 vocabulary words and pieces, seven mini-games, and a free daily puzzle. In addition, the kids and toddlers can look forward to a new “Free Daily Preview” puzzle each day.  If you would like more content, there are over 150 puzzles in over 22 puzzle packs available for a $2.99 in-app purchase. If you would like an “all-access pass” it will cost $14.99. All purchases are locked behind parent-gates to block accidental purchases by children.


Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. There are no links to social media, no outside advertising, and all in-app purchases are behind math questions.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase but behind a parent gates (math)
Child Friendly
Puzzingo Toddler Kids Puzzles - Holiday Release
Puzzingo is an engaging puzzle app designed for young children between the ages of 2 and 5. Unlike other puzzle apps, Puzzingo teaches more than just the drag and drop abilities and keeps kids engaged for hours with many, many new puzzles and reward centric mini-games.