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Practo is a new health app designed to connect you with everything you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones when it come to being healthy.  With Practo, users can book doctor appointments, receive online doctor consultations, order medicines online, keep a detailed digital medical record or learn new ways to be healthier with free health tips.  I thought that Practo would be a good health app for all ages.

Practo (which also now includes Qikwell) provides an easy way to book online appointments with doctors, clinics and hospitals.  Users will simply pick an area, choose a doctor, select a time and done!  You can pick a time that works for you by accessing a direct view of the available appointments.  I like that you can read feedback from patients before booking an appointment with a specific doctor/clinic first.  There are also appointment reminders, and even an option to book an Uber cab to your appointment!

















Online doctor consultations provide a quick way to see if you should see a doctor or if there are home remedies to try. All consultations are 100% secure, private and confidential. In addition to seeking consultations online, you may also stay up to date with digital health records. Simply upload all your health records securely – by clicking pictures of your medical bills, lab reports and prescriptions and uploading them to your Practo account. You may also received medication reminders and order medicines via the app – there is the option to search and select pharmacies, etc.

I thought the Practo app had a great concept. I think that this app could be useful for booking appointments and staying up to date with your checkups and medications. If you think that you would like to be more organized when it comes to your health, be sure to check out Practo.

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