PJ Masks: Super City Run Review

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PJ Masks: Super City Run App Review

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PJ Masks: Super City Run is a fun new game for younger kids.  With PJ Masks: Super City Run, kids can choose their favorite hero and explore a maze style city as they catch the villains and collect items.  I thought that this game would be entertaining for younger kids, especially those who are fans of the PJ Masks television show.

The idea behind the app is that villains have gone around the city and stolen lots of items.  It’s up to the PJ Masks team of heroes to adventure through the maze style city, catch the villains, and collect the items that they have been stealing – everything from bicycles to the Rock of All Power!  There are also lots of traps that kids must avoid while running through the city — including Romeo’s Robot, Luna Girl’s moths and Night Ninja’s sticky splats!  Collecting the golden amulets that unlock your character’s special power is a way to get a little extra help on your way.  As always the PJ Masks will have to work together as a team, sometimes you will need to choose a particular PJ Masks hero and use their super power to get past certain obstacles.

If you are a looking for a fun new “runner” game for your child, be sure to check out PJ Masks.  My son enjoys this game, and occasionally watches the show – so I’m sure fans of the show would think it was pretty cool.

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PJ Masks: Super City Run
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