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  • Last modified: July 19, 2017
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Review Summary:

Kids can learn French through fun games and an immersive language approach with Pili Pop Francais.

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Price: Free
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Give kids a chance to learn French by immersing themselves in the language with Pili Pop Francais. This unique app allows kids to learn French words and practice their pronunciation skills through a series of fun games. As they play, they’ll advance in level and take on more different tasks. Before long, kids may be begging for you to take them to Paris so they can practice their new skills.

Features include:

  • Immersive language experience
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Multiple categories of words
  • Voice recongition and recording options


Pili Pop Francais is definitely a high-quality app. Parents must input an e-mail address or sign into an account before kids can start learning. Once they do, kids get to type in their name, select their age, and choose an avatar. All of the categories are organized by pictures and by numbered levels. Kids can easily navigate from one level to the next. In the protected parent area, parents will find plenty of information about how the app works so they can help kids as they play and learn.


Developers have created an app that takes an immersive approach to language instruction. Kids will find that all directions and other information within the app are written in French. For beginning learners, this may prove to be a bit frustrating. However, it’s also a good way for kids to begin to make crucial connections related to language. Within the app are multiple levels of learning, as well as activities organized by category. For example, kids can practice numbers or clothing words. The app also contains a dictionary. In the dictionary, kids can tap on a picture and hear each word pronounced. They can also record themselves saying the words. As the app progresses, the app uses voice recognition techniques to help improve kids’ oral language skills.


Many of the activities within the app are in the form of simple games. Kids might find themselves getting frustrated by the immersive approach to language because sometimes it’s hard to understand what to do. However, th games are fun for kids and they get to interact with different characters. They can also earn stars, unlock puzzle pieces, and record themselves saying French words in the dictionary.


Parents can download the app and let kids try it for free simply by providing an e-mail address. With the free version, kids can learn numbers and some other basic words, such as articles of clothing. It’s a good overview of the app’s educational approach and features. If kids do well, parents may want to consider a subscription. However, the subscriptions are pricey, so parents will want to be sure kids are serious about learning French.

Child Friendliness

On the main screen, kids can see a more apps icon, which leads them to brief descriptions of two additional apps. However, access to the apps is protected by a parental block. Access to the protected parent area, in-app purchases, and the support section is also protected by a parental block. In the protected parent area, parents can purchase a subscription to the app, as well as learn more about its features and the educational approach the app takes.

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  • YES more apps (protected, but visible)
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Kids can learn French through fun games and an immersive language approach with Pili Pop Francais.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars