Ole Lion

Ole Lion

Child Friendly
Travel through the African landscape and take out alien spaceships in Ole Lion, a simple, but fun arcade game for kids.

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Ole Lion takes you on the quest of an African warrior. In this app, you must fight aliens to protect your home. Wait, aliens? In Africa? Yep. The terrain of deserts and grasslands may look familiar, but the creatures in this app are anything but. Can you use some old-fashioned technology to take out futuristic foes?

Features include:

  • Multiple levels
  • Themed music and sound effects
  • High score tracking
  • Easy game play


It’s not very hard to figure out what to do in the game. There are two main buttons – the circle shoots and the triangle jumps. You must run and shoot the aliens while jumping over obstacles such as ditches and trash cans. The game includes a few directions, such as “jump over the trash cans” when new obstacles appear. One negative is that sometimes you may think you’ve hit jump quickly enough to jump over an obstacle, but it still ends up taking you out.


This app is not being rated for education.


While the game is fairly simple, it’s also fairly entertaining. You must try to take out the aliens while avoiding obstacles. As you play, your score is tracked and you’re encouraged to beat your high score. If you successfully complete a level, you’re rewarded with an African proverb from Oloiboni.


The app is free to download and does not have any in-app purchases. It’s simply a fun game for kids.

Child Friendliness

The main screen of the app features a small icon that leads to the developer’s website. This access is not protected. At the end of each round, kids see an icon to share their score via e-mail, text, or social media.

  • Protected Parent Area
  • NO rate us
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES external links
  • YES social media

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