New & Noteworthy – March 29, 2017: New Apps in March

Welcome to another New & Noteworthy, where we bring you all the cool new apps available for your kids. This week we’ve found some great new apps that will quench your child’s desire to go on adventures, explore new places, and learn about the world around them.

Numbie: First Grade Math

Numbie: First Grade Math will breathe life into math practice for your children. There are over 140 different characters for them to interact with. They will also play in outer space and underwater as they practice their new math skills. They will practice number recognition, addition, subtraction, geometry, plus many other skills. The fun environment will make learning a blast.

Pili Pop Francais: learn French for kids

Learning French has never been easier with Pili Pop. Children learn new languages so well when they are little and apps like this one will make it even easier. They will get the chance to learn everyday words through fun and engaging activities. Unique voice recognition software allows your child to learn and develop correct pronunciation.

Snow & Stella

Snow and Stella is a sweet app about about friendship. Snow, a bear, and Stella, a star, will take your child on a number of adventures through stories, mini-games, coloring, dancing, and more. This app has many fun activities for your child to engage in.

Mammals by Tinybop

Mammals by Tinybop offers your children incredible insight into the lives of animals. They will be able to learn how certain animals live, eat, sleep, hunt, and more. They will learn how their bodies work and learn about the different systems inside the animal. This app is perfect for kids who love animals and want to learn more about them.