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Name the Animals is a fun app that will help users learn to spell animal names in both English and Spanish. The app uses engaging animations to hold players’ attention, and offers an intriguing hidden animal game after all levels have been accomplished.

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Name the Animals is a English-Spanish vocabulary game that will delight young users with engaging animations and fun activities to learn to spell animal names in either English or Spanish. Children are invited to explore 28 different animals by watching animated videos then dragging the letters to spell the names into the correct order. There are two levels of difficulty, and the app can accommodate three separate players by “recalling” which animals they have completed.

Features include:

  • 28 animal names to learn
  • Earn stars for correct spellings
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Collect all stars to get access to the hidden animal at the end
  • Delightful animations


This is a very high quality app. The developers use engaging animations to keep players’ attention, and have incorporated lots of helps to facilitate learning. There is a comprehensive, yet simple tutorial at the beginning that helps users know how to play, and the app uses an intuitive interface that surmounts any possible language barrier.


Name the Animals is very educational. The app will intrigue children from preschool through elementary levels, and is even engaging enough to provide extra practice for older language students who are working to learn either English or Spanish.  The animations that adorn each animal are very cute, and the two levels will provide practice for beginners and intermediate students alike.

Developers tap into very sound educational strategies when they make the app fun, offer visual and auditory cues, and involve students in dragging letters to spell the animal’s name.  By engaging so many senses, the material is more accessible to all types of learners and is more likely to be recalled later.


This app is highly entertaining. Each animal features a fun animation that plays while users are working to spell the animal’s name.  The artwork is pleasant and fun, and the actions are on the comical side, such as showing the lion using his claws to comb his mane. Children will enjoy the emoji-like happy faces that denote success with the tasks.  It’s also nice that users who are unsuccessful with the first try at spelling an animal’s name can go back, try again, and achieve the smiling face of success.


This app costs just ninety-nine cents on the App Store, which is a great value. There are 28 animal names to learn in both English and Spanish.  The app can keep record of up to three players, so users can leave the game and then later resume where they left off without having to start over.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly, with no outside links, no advertising, and no in-app purchases.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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